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A poignant warning, direct from Italy

Sixteen months ago, my wife and I traveled to Italy to see a concert and enjoy the sights. While in Genova, we g...

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Politicization of a disease

Rep. John Fuller’s perspective (March 29, “A problem more destructive than disease”) that we’ve “abandoned one’s own responsibility” in trying to reduce the rate of infection by a virus that everyone is susceptib...

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Judicious use of unnamed sources sometimes warranted

Many say a story is only as good as its source.

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Letters to the editor April 5

In the best-case scenario, the COVID-19 pandemic will result in 100,000-200,000 U.S. deaths, according to the White House coronavirus task force. At this level, it will exceed U.S. servicemen deaths in World War ...

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Disturbing level of election fraud

In these transitional times, we must protect the institutions and traditions cherished by all Montanans, regardless of partisan affiliation. The sanctity of our election process has long been respected by Democra...

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Tips from teachers on remote learning

COVID-19 has upended lives across Montana, making many of us rethink the future of our world. One uncharted territory is education. Montana has closed schools to families physically while maintaining education an...

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Letters to the editor April 2

So, State Rep. John Fuller believes that “The present response to the coronavirus … has traded rational responses for irrational reactions.” (Daily Inter Lake, March 29). I think that most of us would agree that ...

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A problem more destructive than disease

A pastor once told me that, “Every generation has a 100 percent mortality rate.”

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Letters to the editor March 29

This letter was written special for you. Thank you.

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Our wellbeing depends on one another

Now we enter the next chapter of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it will be equally challenging to what we’ve already been through. We stay home; we shelter in place, as our governor has directed.

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Republican leadership on COVID-19 preparedness

Montanans should rest assured that their legislative leadership is doing all they can to ensure state government continues to effectively serve them as we all do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19. However, ...

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Schools and families lead through unprecedented circumstances

This week, I had a conversation with U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to discuss national responses to the COVID-19 outbreak and how the U.S. Department of Education can assist Montana schools. I encourage...

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Sounding the alarm

I was born and raised in Mission. My family doesn’t know I’m writing.

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COVID-19 Help For Businesses

For the past 25 years, Lake County Community Development Corporation has been here to help our great community weather many economic shocks. We were here with you through the 9-11 crisis and the Great Recession o...

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Letters to the editor March 26

I recently read an editorial article in The Epoch Times newspaper entitled “Where Ties With Communist China Are Close, the Coronavirus Follows.” I find it in...