Sunday, August 09, 2020


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Fair events jeopardize health of community

We are at a significant juncture in our community as we stand approximately a month before the scheduled start o...

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We must reignite Montana’s economy

Our state, and our country, has never faced a challenge like the one we are confronted with today. COVID-19, and the ensuing shutdown sent shockwaves through our economy. The consequences have been devastating, a...

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Letters to the editor July 27

Nobody has ever had to fight a forest fire in a global pandemic before, at least not in our lifetimes. But, as fire season approaches in Montana, it’s becomi...

Updated 2 weeks ago
911 funding proposal comes with nuances

Once again, Flathead County voters are being asked to support a ballot measure that will tax property owners to pay for ongoing equipment upgrades at the Flathead Emergency Communications Center known as the 911 ...

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Campaigning on behalf of the common man

As I watch the endless political ads on television I am reminded of why I started this journey in the first place. One word in particular is extremely troubling to me. One word that every “politician” seems to ut...

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Letters to the editor July 26

It took the United States 95 days, on April 28, to record a million cases of Covid 19. Forty-three days later, on June 10, we reached 2 million cases; 28 day...

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Consequence Kalispell Fire Station closures

Kalispell Fire Station 62, located behind Costco on 255 Old Reserve Drive was closed on July 21 and will remain closed until July 25 at 7 a.m. Fire Station 62 is closed due to ongoing staffing shortages. As a res...

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Small businesses need more support from governor

As a small business owner and someone who signs the front of paychecks, I understand what it’s like to stay awake at night with a pit in your stomach worrying if you are able to keep your employees on payroll dur...

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Cooney vows to protect public lands

I’ve spent my career fighting for our public lands, and I have a track record of delivering results for Montanans. Growing up in Montana shaped who I am and the values I carry with me. Like many Montanans, I know...

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Election mail bag July 26

It is critical that our lone representative in Congress be a voice for the voiceless and stand up for the most vulnerable in our society — especially the unborn.

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Letters to the editor July 23

How about we change things up a bit and create a uniques business friendly atmosphere in downtown Whitefish.

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With masks, a little civility goes a long way

The governor’s July 15 directive that mandates the use of face masks in various public settings has one clear goal — curbing the community spread of COVID-19.

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Letters to the editor July 20

As a local photographer, I attended the virtual meeting the park service hosted to discuss their new proposed ticketed-entry system. The press was not allowe...

Updated 3 weeks ago
Why I wear a mask: Another perspective

During these COVID-19 days, I’ve been among those considered “high risk”: In my early 80s and with a history of auto-immune problems. Yet, not once since this virus made its deadly presence known, have I felt per...

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Destruction of private property no way to improve society

I am saddened to report that the Jesus statue placed on Big Mountain by the Knights of Columbus has been vandalized. As many of you know, the statue was dedi...