Sunday, August 09, 2020

Letters to the Editor

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Fair events jeopardize health of community

We are at a significant juncture in our community as we stand approximately a month before the scheduled start o...

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Be informed about the BLM agenda

I read with interest the recent article about a billboard put up in the valley promoting Black Lives Matter. I don’t have a single acquaintance who wasn’t sickened by George Floyd’s death at the hands of police. ...

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U.S.-Canada trade must prevail amid pandemic

The United States-Canada border has been closed to cross-border tourism and other non-essential travel for more than three months.

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Water Rights Protection Act a step backward for public land

Flathead Wildlife Inc., has been the largest sportsmen and women club in northwest Montana for 64 years. One of our primary goals is preserving public access to public lands. Accordingly, FWI is opposed to S. 301...

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My very own declaration of independence

Ever hear of Rudy Stanko, well-known in Montana 20-plus years ago? Rudy “Stinko” you say? Well, maybe. Here’s the story. Rudy liked to speed, and it was easy for him to do so because from 1955-1974 and again from...

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Letters to the editor July 9

In a recent letter to the editor, a writer says it’s OK to take a knee during rendering of the National Anthem. She implies it’s no slight to veterans and others who’ve served their country, and doesn’t violate a...

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Letters to the editor July 5

Fireworks! Jobs! Stronger economy! We celebrate a great Trade Treaty and the birth of the USA. President Donald Trump promised improvement on the old NAFTA, and he delivered!

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As Native Americans, we refuse to stand idle

The senseless death of a Black American has ignited civil protests around the globe. We will always remember George Floyd’s name and the eight minutes forty-six seconds that Minneapolis police officers assisted a...

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Law enforcement leaders strive to be transparent, accessible and accountable

As a nation, state and society we are living in unprecedented times. As peace officer leaders in the state of Montana, we feel it is our obligation to speak ...

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Our response to COVID-19

After this historic COVID – 19 pandemic recedes into history, and it will, what will America and especially Montana learn from it? What will the people of Montana and America expect when the next pandemic arrives...

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Letters to the editor July 2

The chiefs of the fire departments of Flathead County would like to acknowledge our “Partners in Blue” during what has to be some of the most challenging of ...

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Letters to the editor June 29

Last Saturday a group of adults from Fresh Life Church’s Rock This City event came to Clear Choice Clinic. As a service project, they planned to wash the windows of our building, no small task. This group of ener...

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Election mail bag June 28

Now that the primary is over, it’s even more clear that Greg Gianforte should be the choice of every Montanan for Governor. His opponent, Mike Cooney, is the ultimate career politician. He’s held office for over ...

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Letters to the editor June 28

After a large fir tree fell into my backyard during the May 31 storm, 27 wonderful people from my Northridge neighborhood came to my rescue. They sawed branc...

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Bullock needs to change course on the budget

We recently met with Governor Bullock and the two minority leaders of the Montana Legislature to discuss Montana’s failing economy and budget issues due to the Governor’s closures.

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Badger-Two Med needs permanent protection from development

Last week, a panel of judges in Washington, D.C., ruled that the last industrial lease in the Badger-Two Medicine must be canceled. And while the Blackfeet N...