Monday, May 25, 2020

Election mail bag May 23

| May 23, 2020 1:00 AM

The Republican debate on the Montana Television Network highlighted how blessed we are to have excellent candidates for governor. All three have outstanding records of statewide service to citizens of Montana.

I believe Greg Gianforte and running mate Kristen Juras have the ideal experience and skills to create a positive vision for Montana, based on proven conservative principles. I know that Greg’s ability to create high-paying jobs has caught the attention and support of President Trump and, together, they will work to develop Montana’s most important resource - our kids and grandkids with the goal to allow them to live and prosper in Big Sky Country.

Our party needs to be strong and unified going into the general election. President Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment must be remembered “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” Please vote, and I am encouraging my fellow Republicans to vote Gianforte/Juras on June 2.

—George Bailey, St. Regis

Dr. Al Olszewski is a formidable candidate for Montana governor. I have always advocated that voters research candidates by phoning or emailing them; attending debates, rallies and forums (even if video-conferencing!). Or, in the case of Dr. Al, check out his website, Facebook or Twitter.

Al Olszewski is one of the most principled conservative candidates with whom I have become acquainted. He has a heart to serve: first as an orthopedic surgeon then an Air Force trauma surgeon for 13 years followed by six years in the Montana Legislature. Dr. Al has been a vocal fighter for the unborn, for water and property rights, for using Montana natural resources to supplement education funds, for religious freedom, Second Amendment rights and public access.

Dr. Al tackles all issues as a surgeon with a scalpel, getting to the root cause then approaches with an exact 1-2-3 solution. Check out his debates with the other candidates. He knows every issue that faces Montana, including stimulating our economic resources to get out of the slump of the pandemic. He answers questions directly and not with talking points! I have never seen the man with notes which means he speaks from his head and his heart.

Dr. Al has said his mission is to make Montanans lives better by insuring more freedom with less government. He believes in the freedoms afforded by the Constitution and the capitalist system. He also believes in God, family and country. I will check off Albert “Dr. Al” Olszewski as my choice for Montana governor; I hope that you will too.

—Pam Purinton, Billings

One of the most important things we can do as residents in house district 11 is to vote our primary ballot which will be mailed on Friday, May 8th.

We need to elect a representative who will be engaged in our community and help us navigate the political realm. Our past representative has never held one community meeting and never shows up to any of our events, unless, he is fundraising for his campaign.

We have had two terms of non-representation, and we need to be able to count on someone who will help us when called upon, not use their title as a representative to advance their political ladder climbing.

I have known Dee Kirk-Boon for several years. She and several other community members saw a need for a local art gallery, so they opened and operated an art gallery/gift store in Lakeside for a few years. She has also lived in Lakeside and Somers and served as our chamber director.

There have been a few times where we disagreed on something, but Dee never held this against me and she was always cordial the next time we saw each other. THAT is what is needed in today’s political climate.

—Tim Merklinger, Lakeside

My wife and I live in West Valley’s House District 6. We’re registered Republicans and we’re looking for a primary candidate who embodies our conservative views. Over the past week, we’ve received in the mail the campaign flyers from Republicans Amy Regier and Bruce Tutvedt, and there couldn’t be a greater disparity in the listed policy positions of those two people. Mr. Tutvedt describes himself as a “common-sense conservative” whose “…main priority is doing what is best for the people of Montana.” Mr. Tutvedt should know that we elect a governor to represent all the people of the state. The nearly 10,000 people living in District 6 need a representative who is focused on addressing their specific needs and wants. But Mr. Tutvedt’s flyer was all generalities.

Ms. Regier was more detailed in her campaign flyer about issues that are very important to my wife and I, starting with taxation concerns. She was also very clear regarding her position on the Second Amendment and hunting and fishing. Mr. Tutvedt never mentioned the Second Amendment or hunting and fishing in his flyer. Does he not support the right of the people to bear arms? To hunt and fish?

Unfortunately, neither Mr. Tutvedt nor Ms. Regier mentioned their positions on veterans issues, a topic that is important to me as a veteran of the U.S. Air Force (1971-76). Perhaps as this campaign progresses both candidates will address this oversight.

—Bruce Colburn, Kalispell

Three good men are running for the Senate District 2 seat that I have had the privilege to serve for the last eight years. Rep. Carl Glimm, a conservative family man and small business owner is one of them.

While Carl’s service to Montana is term-limited in the MT House I believe he brings a wealth of knowledge to this race. His leadership on the Appropriations Committee will serve the taxpayers well while trying to stabilize Montana’s balance sheet in the coming session after the Covid19 disaster.

Carl has a voting record that can be viewed on the website under the last four sessions. Check out the votes that are near and dear to you and see if he deserves your vote. My X will be next to his name.

No matter who you choose, VOTE! It’s as easy as making a few marks and putting it in an envelope.

—Rep. Dee Brown, R-Hungry Horse

Montana counties will be conducting the June 2 primary election with mail-in ballots in an effort to limit the spread of the coronavirus. I and many other Montana voters have appreciated our system of mail voting for several years. It is one of integrity and highly respected with a remarkable track record.

My vote for U.S. House of Representatives will be for Kathleen Williams. Her record, serving three terms in the Montana’s House of Representatives, shows her dedication to work for Montana and our citizens. It is a privilege to vote for a woman with high standards, solving problems that impact our families’ health care, jobs, and education. We see that public lands and our outdoor heritage are also her high priorities, keeping them for Montanans. She is proud of her ability to work across the aisle to pass legislation solving problems. Join me. Vote for Kathleen Williams on your 2020 Primary Election mail-in ballot.

—JoLynn Yenne, Kalispell

As a well-informed resident of the Flathead Valley for over 17 years, I would like to express my support of Elliot Adams’ bid for county commissioner due to his integrity and knowledgeable passion for individual property rights.

Elliot has shared his time and expertise in the community while serving on the Flathead County Planning Board. I’ve witnessed Elliot’s hard work ethic as he volunteered his time working on a church building project. Most admirably, for more than six years, I’ve seen his love and care for his wife and their three children.

A vote for Elliot is a vote for a knowledgeable, ethical and hard-working leader who has the courage and integrity to do the right thing as a County Commissioner.

—Greg Danielson, Kalispell

For nearly two decades we have known Tony Brockman to be intelligent, kind, and thoughtful. Ever since he worked at the Conrad Mansion as a teen, Tony has a long record of service to our community.

He’s a part of Kalispell’s transformational Core and Rail Redevelopment Project as a member of the Flathead County Economic Development Authority, a trustee for the Evergreen Rural Fire District, and a member of the Sheriff Brien Henio’s Citizens’ Advisory Board. Tony wears his passion for and knowledge of our community on his sleeve, and he’ll focus on our community’s best interests as our next County Commissioner, rather than his own.

Tony’s focus on our economy, growth, and increasing communication between the Commissioner’s Office and Flathead residents is the correct one considering the changes our community is experiencing. As county commissioner, we have no doubt Tony will take a measured approach to governing. He’ll bring people along, invite the public in, and fight for the little guy throughout our county.

Flathead County residents have an important choice to make this year when it comes to who our next county commissioner will be. Please join us in voting for Tony Brockman this primary election.

—Everett and Nikki Sliter, Kalispell