Monday, May 25, 2020

Tired woman reports Taser threats

| May 15, 2020 1:00 AM

A woman was apparently threatened with a Taser twice the night before she contacted the Kalispell Police Department. She explained she didn’t respond to the stun-gun threats “because she was tired.”

A man saw steam coming out of the side vents of a building and he was concerned. He decided to email someone about it. Law enforcement learned “it’s been doing this for years.”

A woman showed up at the KPD lobby under the assumption that her car had been towed, but it turned out it “may have been stolen.”

A man claimed his medications were stolen, then he admitted he might have dropped them or lost them while moving multiple times in the “last short while.” He admitted “he has nothing to suggest they were stolen.” Law enforcement contacted his doctor, who said he would prescribe him some replacements.

A store employee was suspicious of a camper near the store because he was “concerned people who have tried to steal from the store in the past have come from that van.” It turned out the driver of the van had a driver’s license from New York.

Someone saw a man and woman in an argument near a phone store. The man had “a large knife strapped to his leg.” Both parties admitted, “it has been a verbal and abusive relationship in the past” but they claimed there had been no physical abuse that day, except for the man preventing the woman from leaving. She said she would reach out if she needed help.

Someone called about a white pickup truck that he said nearly struck him driving 50 miles per hour.

A man was seen outside a Kalispell bakery “yelling [and] screaming at random people.” Law enforcement contacted the man and he said he was listening to his music but he would move along.

A woman was worried about her friend who has medical issues because she hadn’t seen him in a day and his house was “all closed up.” She knocked on his door but he didn’t open it, so she suspected he was on the floor. However, law enforcement learned he was fine and he promised to call his frantic friend.

An older female golden retriever was seen running around a road but the person who spotted it said he didn’t want to hold the dog. Law enforcement eventually caught and impounded the dog.

The renter of a cabin wanted a “disoriented,” approximately 70-year-old woman removed from his property. He believed she was intoxicated but he said there were no weapons involved in the altercation with the senior citizen.

A woman wanted to let police know she found her missing daughter, who turned up incarcerated in Idaho.