Man falls down, doesn’t get back up

March 26, 2020 1:00 AM

It was clean up on aisle three when a purportedly intoxicated customer attempting to purchase more alcohol fell in a store on U.S. 2 in Kalispell and someone discovered him lying on the floor. The person calling in the report to Flathead County Sheriff’s Office wasn’t sure if the man hit his head and needed an ambulance because while he was breathing, he wasn’t talking, just lying there holding his head.

Six young imps on bicycles were allegedly harassing a man, flipping him off and calling him “an old bastard.”

A woman on Blackhawk Lane in Kalispell reportedly heard something or someone screaming outside her house and thought it sounded like an animal in extreme distress, possibly a mountain lion caught in a trap. Officers heard the sound when they arrived and said it was from an animal. The woman who was advised to stay inside realized she left her dog in her vehicle, when she supposedly tried to get at whatever was making the noise. She planned to leave the dog there until it was safe to bring it inside.

Someone on Rose Crossing allegedly had camera footage “of people being suspicious” at a location where a “car of some kind” came “spinning into a parking lot” and a person jumped out and was out of the camera frame. When the person supposedly returned into the camera frame, they had a package.

A caller who received second-hand information about a person in a golf cart reportedly shooting a Canada goose on Bridger Avenue in Bigfork, was concerned about public safety because it is a residential area. They also claimed to have seen the dead goose in the water and that someone else supposedly knew who shot it.

A man and woman on Lone Pine Road in Kalispell told dispatchers a man was trying to rob them at knife-point, but then said it was a family issue, adding “they never actually saw and knife,” and the man was leaving. They supposedly didn’t want to give dispatchers the man’s name because they didn’t want to get in him in trouble since “he just had a kid.”