Where there’s smoke, there’s no fire

March 21, 2020 1:00 AM

A man on Whitefish Stage Road told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office he “may have [seen] something on fire” but it didn’t turn out to be any cause for alarm.

Someone said a dog was howling inside a “weird-looking shop.” An officer drove through the area and the dog was no longer barking.

Two young people apparently threw a rock through the back window of a vehicle and then drove away.

A 14-year-old texted another 14-year-old to try to sell her pills, including diabetes medicine and an antibiotic.

Kalispell Police Department got a call about a woman with pink leggings and “messy hair” who refused to leave the lobby of a hotel.

While a man was incarcerated over the weekend, he said his ex stole his clothing, food and cleaning supplies.

A homeowner said trespassers drive through her back yard to reach the yard next to her. Their vehicle wasn’t there when she called.

A woman wanted her husband to leave after he pushed her daughter and “destroyed a chair.”

A caller said someone was out of control, then pressed some buttons and disconnected. The wild person was apparently dropped off with a friend.

A man believed his neighbor backed into his truck after he found damage on the vehicle, which he hadn’t driven in a week, and he couldn’t open the back door.

A vehicle was left unattended and running for hours.

A woman said she heard two gunshots and then saw “a car drive off fast.”

A driver hit a deer and said she had to keep driving to get to work, but she was concerned the deer needed to be dispatched.

A chihuahua belonging to someone who was being served a warrant ran out into the street while its owner was being detained and officers couldn’t catch it.

Someone thought a man and woman stole from a business because the woman was “acting nervous” and the man “couldn’t stop moving.”

A man in a parking lot near a coffee shop was reportedly “yelling and verbally abusive to guests and employees.”

A representative of a homeowners association was suspicious of a vehicle because he said he didn’t “recognize the vehicle as belonging to the area.” It was parked on a lawn but it apparently wasn’t a hazard.

A man stated his neighbor “came over through his garage and punctured the tires of his vehicle.”

A dog described as a “Heinz 57—a mixed breed” was reportedly running loose.