Man wants to know ‘if this is real’

March 19, 2020 1:00 AM

A man left a message with Whitefish Police Department wanting to know “if this is real that on this beautiful day he can’t play on the playground with his kid,” after being told “by some lady” to leave. Whitefish School District has issued information to families that as part of the two-week school closures, playgrounds and the Whitefish Performing Arts Center are also closed.

A woman on Fifth Street reportedly ranted about movie tickets being sold, a drunken St. Patrick’s Day party being held at a bar and that she was sick and wanted to be transferred to the sheriff. When she was told “no” she hung up. On a call back she reportedly told police she found out the “drunken party” was canceled, but continued airing concerns about movie theaters selling tickets and “wanted something to be done to stop this.” When she was informed nothing criminal was going on, she was not satisfied and planned to contact other agencies “in the near future.” The woman apparently hasn’t gotten the memo that movie theaters are temporarily closed.

“Five guys” were purportedly taking turns “ripping around” on a four-wheeler through the area of Beth Road. Columbia Falls Police Department advised the guys about the complaint and they claimed they were not driving fast or reckless.

Police received another call about a four-wheeler “flying in circles” and speeding at 60 mph up and down Martha Road. This particular four-wheeler was said to be driven by a man with a 4-year-old and neither were wearing helmets.

A reportedly distracted driver of an older sedan with red headlights was seen speeding in the area, prompting a man to call police. He wanted to remain anonymous, but wanted officers aware to catch the person before his, or other children get hit.

Someone allegedly knew their “drunk neighbor” got home when they heard him running a chain saw and shooting off a firearm on First Street in Columbia Falls. The person calling in the report to Flathead County Sheriff’s Department claimed it was not the first time this scenario has happened and thought it was because of dogs barking at him.

A disturbance on Whitefish Stage Road in Kalispell reportedly involved a woman spitting on a man and “getting in his face” until he went outside.

A woman on Dawn Drive in Columbia Falls who called officers was allegedly screaming and yelling at a man who was not letting her back inside a house when she returned from taking a drive after they fought. A man reportedly got on the phone and said she “had a bit to drink.” The woman left on foot before officers arrived, but was thought to have been picked up by a friend.

A man on Glacier Avenue in Hungry Horse allegedly shoved his ex-girlfriend around and threatened to hit a child.

Someone calling from 14th Street in Whitefish was allegedly passed by a vehicle on U.S. 93 that was swerving in and out of traffic and cutting people off.

A Bigfork woman most likely fell for a phone scam, when she reportedly gave her Social Security number and address to someone who called her claiming to be an officer from Texas and said there were warrants out for her arrest after her DNA was found in a rental car. Luckily, she reportedly refused to give them money and hung up. She was advised to contact the Social Security office and watch for signs of identity theft.

A motorhome with a temporary sticker from 2018 on it was allegedly sitting in a lane of traffic on South Fork Drive in Hungry Horse and had someone thinking it was a “mobile meth lab.” The registered owner was allegedly listed as deceased and a “junk vehicle form” was completed.

A phone in a vehicle cup holder allegedly accidentally dialed 911 on Montana 35 in Bigfork.

A woman on Stoneridge Drive in Kalispell was purportedly being harassed by her daughter who called her several times in one day using foul language, screaming and “hollering.”

Someone on Lake Loop Drive in Kalispell allegedly knew the name of a man who was driving to fast and almost hit him, claiming they “heard he does things like this often to people in the area.”