Ex-wife hightails it to Texas

March 14, 2020 1:00 AM

A man told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office he believed his ex-wife stole his vehicle and his firearm and he suspected she might now be in Texas.

A window was broken at a bar in Hungry Horse and the person who called it in thought it was intentional.

A Columbia Falls man was worried about a fire he saw in a field, but it turned out to be a controlled burn.

A woman was upset about “people dumping in the empty lot across from her house.”

A homeowner said his home was sprayed with pepper spray for the second time in one week. He said he suspected a woman wearing her “daytime clothing” of deploying the pepper spray, but he also said he thought the previous spraying had been done by a man.

A man was trying to sell a vehicle online and he was concerned his potential buyer was trying to scam him. He was advised it was a scam and told to report it to the website administrators.

Someone heard “a lot of banging and screaming” in Coram.

A Whitefish man was upset because a mail truck was “delivering almost every day this week” and “driving recklessly.” He called the delivery company but he said he “got run around” and felt “nothing was accomplished.” He requested extra patrol.

A man called because he reportedly “took a deer and an elk…to be processed” in September 2018 and never received them back.

Some Kalispell men were caught on video spray-painting security cameras.

A man wanted advice after he gave personal information to a caller who claimed to be a Social Security representative.

A woman in Columbia Falls said her “family members just showed up being hostile.” She was in a property dispute with her three siblings after her father passed away. She said she went into the living room “to hear the lies they were saying.” The family members were all separated and advised to seek legal counsel.

A Columbia Falls resident reported a stolen chain saw.

A three-legged yellow lab was spotted in a parking lot on U.S. 2.

Neighbors were worried about four dogs at a residence because they believed the “hoarder homeowner” had moved away. One person also said, “the feces in the trailer is very bad.”

A woman cleaning an apartment in Kalispell said she found a meth pipe and wanted law enforcement to pick it up.

Someone reported “strange activity” in the roadway in front of his residence. A white vehicle was apparently towed into the roadway and then turned upside down while it was running. The people working on the car were informed they had 10 minutes to finish their work or they would be cited.

There was a dispute between an ex-wife and an ex-husband because the husband apparently opened the wife’s mail and then gave it to her and she was upset.