Monday, July 13, 2020

Will hat trick reveal car thief?

| June 23, 2020 1:00 AM

The owner of a stolen vehicle that was recovered reportedly found a hat left by the thief. The vehicle owner advised Kalispell Police Department they were planning to have someone take the hat to a man they suspected of stealing the car to see if he would claim it.

Three young men were seen carrying heavy cloth bags over their shoulders in an alley near West Idaho Street by someone who purportedly thought the situation “looked off.” Men matching the description were located at the laundromat.

A man was reportedly trying to get into a secure residence and began cussing at someone in front of the building.

A woman was allegedly attacked by a cat hiding under a porch when she tried to remove it. She was counseled and planned to call back if the cat remained.

A man was reportedly trying to get into a fight with a business owner on First Avenue West and was heard saying “I cannot wait to beat your (expletive).”

A man allegedly left an instrument case by someone’s door and left. He was last seen heading westbound on Eighth Street East.

A woman allegedly grabbed a 9- or 10-year-old by back of the neck and “threw” them in a car, then drove to a gas station and then headed north on First Avenue East. Officers made contact and the parent, who was reportedly disciplining their child.

A man wearing a red rain jacket walked by an apartment building twice where he reportedly yelled and threatened to blow things up.

Someone told officers a man wearing his hat backward showed up on a bicycle that another man claimed was his. The hat-wearer allegedly ditched the bike and took off running westbound toward Main Street.

A large group of teens purportedly showed up with firearms to protect the monument at Depot Park and someone said they were not doing anything wrong, they were just concerned they weren’t of legal age for possession. Apparently, it was “just the usual crew gathering;” the weapons were not out in the open and the group agreed to keep them in their vehicles.

Someone calling from a golf course was added to the list of people who have reported sightings of a black bear, possibly a 200-pound cub, wandering the neighborhoods and highways around Lawrence Park on Saturday. The caller was advised that officers and Fish & Game had been dealing with the bear all night. On Monday morning, the bear was spotted in a person’s backyard and then jumped a fence and was heading toward the Daily Inter Lake.

A man with a shopping cart, groceries and a propane tank was seen in the wooded area of a park. Officers counseled the man on park rules and remained on scene while he packed up and moved on.

A grocery cart full of stuff and a propane tank were later seen abandoned in front of someone’s residence.

An aggressive man was reportedly throwing things around and at another person. The parties were separated.