Monday, July 13, 2020

Mom is off limits as topic for youth

| June 22, 2020 1:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department responded to a “they were talking about my mom situation,” when one boy allegedly pulled out a knife and threatened another boy in the neighborhood. Officers determined a knife was in play, but no blade was opened and no threats were made. The boy’s parents were reportedly going to work on keeping the youths separated.

A passerby was allegedly concerned about a woman in a parking lot who seemed to be under the influence of drugs because she couldn’t keep her balance. When they told her she shouldn’t be driving she reportedly said the three children with her weren’t hers. A man then showed up and she drove away on Hutton Ranch Road.

A passerby requested a welfare check on a woman who was passed out in a car and woke up when they tapped on the window. They allegedly noticed she had marks all over her arms and suspected she was a drug user.

A welfare check was requested for a heavyset man who purportedly was swinging his arms and looked like he was “fighting an invisible person.” He supposedly threw his backpack and ran into a bus stop.

A man with possibly six to eight dogs on his property allegedly yelled at a neighbor’s daughter that she had to have a her dog on a leash, although it was in a fenced yard, because it was in heat. The daughter’s parent had previously talked to officer’s about the situation and it was determined they were not violating any city codes.

An employed woman requested a police report after reportedly receiving a letter from Montana Department of Labor and Industries regarding an unemployment claim fraudulently filed in her name.

Two men were purportedly stuffing their pockets with rocks around a Fifth Avenue East building. When someone asked what they were doing they got into a vehicle and “peeled out of the parking lot.”

A man reportedly thought someone was on his property when he heard the gate open and saw a shadow go by a window.