Sunday, August 09, 2020

‘Some kind of rumbling’ in Whitefish

| June 12, 2020 1:00 AM

A homeowner told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office they thought they felt an earthquake in Whitefish. They said they felt “some kind of rumbling” and asked law enforcement to report back if they found out anything about a possible earthquake. An officer drove through the area and reportedly didn’t notice anything abnormal.

A man reported he found a loose “all-white mini horse” and kept it in his barn to try to find its owner.

A woman in her 50s was walking along the road near McWenneger Slough, hoping to eventually reach the hospital. She said she felt like lying down in the road but law enforcement transported her the rest of the way to Kalispell Regional Medical Center.

A teenaged girl apparently sprayed a teenaged boy with mace and might have stolen his phone.

A Chicago man met a woman walking along a U.S. Forest Service road and thought she might be trying to “scam” him somehow by asking for a ride. The woman said she was camping nearby and her car broke down, but the Chicago man felt “her story just didn’t add up.” The Sheriff’s Office notified the Forest Service about the suspicious woman.

An ex-boyfriend believed he had found the location of a woman who had been missing for a year through social media.

A property owner in Bigfork said “someone just threw a big rock” through his window.

A woman said a man seemed to be watching her, and she also claimed the man had punched her in the face and woke up in her bed that day. Her story was apparently “not making sense.”

A man who was “really drunk” was seen falling in bushes in Kalispell. He was transported to his motel.

A dog that is allegedly “always at large, roaming the neighborhood” was spotted with a fawn in its mouth by a neighbor, who said his daughter had previously been chased by the predatory pooch.

A woman spotted “two baby deer” in a roadway and she was “concerned [the] mother [was] nowhere nearby.” Then she was informed by a passerby that the mother had been located close by.

A man said a “wolf or large coyote” tried to attack him and he shot his gun into the air to scare it off.

A woman saw someone she suspected was homeless riding a bicycle through the parking lot of her office. Then she noticed her cellphone was missing and she suspected the bike rider had stolen it.