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Letters to the editor March 26

I recently read an editorial article in The Epoch Times newspaper entitled “Where Ties With Communist China Are ...

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Public employees’ retirement funds at risk, again

The Association of Montana Retired Public Employees (AMRPE) is a group of 2,500 individuals whose sole purpose is to protect the retirement rights of public employees in Montana. Our organization went to court in...

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Letters to the editor March 8

The front page announcement today in the Inter Lake about the passing of Dr. Jack Davis caused a flood of memories and emotion for me.

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Letters to the editor March 4

Attorney General Tim Fox testified for HB 86 during the 2019 legislative session and used his influence to push it through. HB 86 made it more difficult to obtain needed pain relief. Seniors and veterans are espe...

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Letters to the editor March 1

I was glad to see that only eight to 10 people showed up at Tim Fox’s “race for governor” press conference in Kalispell last Thursday. That eight to 10 included Tim Fox, his lieutenant governor, Gas Tax Garner, t...

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Montana’s elk hunting traditions worth preserving

For decades Montana has been the envy of hunters who pursue elk. Our state has healthy elk herds because of our incredible habitat on public and private land...

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Let’s emphasize the benefits of vaccinations

Once again, I was disappointed to read an extensive article in the Daily Inter Lake (Feb. 26) giving a local physician and now member of the Flathead County Board of Health the opportunity to emphasize the risks ...

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County needs long-term plan, not another Band-Aid

The Evergreen Chamber of Commerce has noticed a stark contrast in spending priorities by Flathead County that impacts the Evergreen community. In one week, the Daily Inter Lake reported on: (1) the county wanting...

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Letters to the editor Feb. 7

After being in the 19th Judicial District Court in Libby under Judge Matthew Cuffe several different times, I have a few observations that I think all of us would benefit from knowing. I’m pretty amazed.

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Don’t put Medicaid on the chopping block

I serve on the board for Big Sky 55+, a nonprofit social welfare organization that seeks to provide a voice for Montanans 55 and older. Today I hope to draw support for Medicaid despite rumors looming of Presiden...

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Time to push back against political racism

Racism. It is very evident this scandalous plague is alive and well, and even prospering in our country and our state. Any why? Because it is now embedded inside of the politics of victimization which leads to gr...

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Letters to the editor Feb. 23

This letter is in regards to the National Boy Scouts bankruptcy article published in the Daily Inter Lake.

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NorthWestern Energy back at the ratepayer trough

In 2008, NorthWestern Energy purchased 30 percent of the Colstrip coal-fired power plants and terribly over-charged Montana ratepayers as part of the deal -- all with the blessing of the Montana Public Service Co...

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BLM HQ relocation: Brain drain or swamp drain?

In 1789, Congress created three Executive branch departments: Foreign Affairs (later renamed State), Treasury, and War. It also provided for an attorney general and a postmaster general. It wasn’t until March 3, ...

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Colstrip acquisition ensures energy reliability for Montana

The Montana Public Service Commission is considering a proposal by NorthWestern Energy to acquire an additional 25 percent of the power output of Colstrip Un...

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Letters to the editor Feb. 20

A recent letter to the editor contained false and misleading information regarding the upcoming Bigfork Water Bond.