Sunday, July 12, 2020

Woman unimpressed by knife tricks

| May 22, 2020 1:00 AM

Someone told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office she was suspicious about a man flipping a large knife around in a patch of grass.

A bucket in a truck bed caught on fire but it was extinguished.

A man with five warrants and a woman with one warrant were arrested in Kalispell after they pulled up at a bar and “started yelling” while carrying a revolver.

Children were seen skateboarding on a property that reportedly forbids skateboarding. The property owner spoke with the children about the issue.

A woman wanted law enforcement to check on a man so he didn’t miss his court appointment the following day. She warned he possibly has PTSD, should be on medication, is “extremely aggressive towards law enforcement” and carries multiple firearms.

A bag was deposited in front of a newspaper office, but there was nothing in it “of safety concern.”

A five-year-old called the FCSO because a man in a white shirt passed his window pushing shopping carts. It turned out the cart-pusher was returning the carts.

A woman purchased a car two months ago and then left it unlocked at a gas station because the manager allegedly told her she could leave it there. The vehicle, which was not registered in her name, soon disappeared from the spot where she had parked it. She believed she gave the car’s title to a bail bondsman across the street from the jail and she suspected he might have taken it, but it turned out the car had been towed.

A man was upset that his neighbor was making noise by “just stomping” and he reportedly would not stop.

An employee with a security company responded to an alarm at a property to find a broken window and teenagers running from the scene. He was able to detain the teenagers, who claimed they “didn’t do it.” They were released to their parents and forbidden from returning to the property.

A man said an intoxicated woman was “out of control,” hitting him, pushing him over and knocking things over. When law enforcement arrived, the man and woman stated the fight was “mostly verbal, with mutual shoving.” They were separated for the night.

A man wanted help getting rid of a woman who is reportedly “hooked on meth.” The woman apparently hit him on the head a few times with a remote control and then fled the scene, and the man decided “he just wants her out of his life.”

A woman bought a motorcycle and then it was immediately stolen. The seller then gave the buyer her money back, and officers warned the buyer to “be cautious about buying [a] motorcycle from [the] seller” because “things don’t seem right.”