Sunday, July 12, 2020

Coffee customer gives girl the creeps

| May 21, 2020 1:00 AM

A woman told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office of a “secondhand report of a creepy man hanging around the coffee.” The caller’s daughter said the man, identified as someone in his 60s or 70s, didn’t “speak English very well” and his back-and-forth pacing was making the daughter uncomfortable. He was asked to move along.

A man was worried after his girlfriend left on a weekend camping trip and hadn’t returned by Monday.

A woman kicked her fiancé out of the house because he was “on a bender” and then his daughter, who lived with them, got upset. She started screaming, “get me out of this…house” There were apparently unlocked firearms in the house but the daughter reportedly didn’t know where they were.

A window was broken at a store by a delinquent juvenile whose parents were contacted and he was transported to a detention center.

A woman called the Sheriff’s Office multiple times trying to get information about the father of her children. She claimed she has “sole legal custody” of the children because they were born outside of a marriage. A FCSO representative told her multiple times that she needed to get a court order to have official custody of the children and then they would be happy to enforce it, but they couldn’t give out personal information based on her claims.

Someone in Bigfork found an older yellow lab who appeared to have recently undergone surgery. He agreed to hold onto the dog for the time being.

Someone called about “a large pile of debris in a ditch” in front of a Kalispell car dealership. The debris was apparently not causing a hazard and it hadn’t resulted from any vehicle accidents.

Someone reported their oven was on fire. They had apparently evacuated the house and contained the fire but they couldn’t turn off the gas. Eventually they reported the gas had been turned off.

Some unlucky thieves tried to steal a truck but it broke down in front of security cameras during the heist. However, they were still able to steal a knife and strip the ignition from the vehicle.

Someone called law enforcement because their neighbor’s trees had “been blowing and falling” into their property.

A man sleeping outside a library was asked to move along.

A motorcycle driver recently decided to contact law enforcement because his motorcycle, which was taken to a shop a year ago, still hadn’t been fixed. The shop reported their service manager had been fired and the new one would try to fix the bike.

A woman in Hungry Horse apparently stole her mother’s medication and money, then accused her mother of taking her phone. Law enforcement started looking through the area for the daughter, a known “drug user.”