Sunday, July 12, 2020

Girl gang gets into trouble

| May 20, 2020 1:00 AM

A group of “grade school-age girls” seemed to be causing trouble in Columbia Falls. Six or seven of them were reportedly trying to break a soccer goal and a woman “chased them off.” She asked the Columbia Falls Police Department to do extra patrol because the elementary-age menaces were “looking back at her apartment.”

Someone complained about an “ongoing issue” of loud music coming from a house. However, it turned out the music was actually coming from a car parked in front of the house.

Two men nearly got in a fight in Whitefish after one man, who allegedly owed money to the other individual, refused to pay him. The debt collector told the Whitefish Police Department he had a signed agreement detailing the money owed, although he didn’t have it on hand. He then threatened to take the money from his debtor and assault him.

A Whitefish man wanted to know why he got citations on his vehicle for parking in a spot where he had parked for 11 years.

A game camera was apparently stolen from a construction site in Whitefish.

Two intoxicated men were fighting and one man ran off to a gas station. One of the men suspected his nose had been broken.

A dog was barking all night after a woman’s sons forgot to let the dog in before going to their friend’s house.

A homeowner was suspicious of three people getting in and out of a vehicle next to his house. He could see them repeatedly lighting a lighter so he suspected they were doing drugs.

The front door was left “wide open” at a residence on Texas Avenue in Whitefish, and a concerned citizen said they would keep an eye on it.

Someone wanted to know if he “has to allow” a person to set up a stand on a Whitefish street to collect petitions. The anti-petitioner apparently “was not answering dispatch’s questions.”

A landlord apparently arrived at a residence and told the renters to be out by the following morning.

Another landlord said there are “all kinds of things happening” with a house sitter at her property.

A very old female dachshund covered in sores, who appeared to be blind, was found at a gas station and returned to her owner.

A “disorderly male” whose favorite color must be blue was asked to leave a nightclub for the evening. He was identified as wearing blue sunglasses, a blue shirt and blue jeans.