Sunday, July 12, 2020

Election mail bag May 17

| May 17, 2020 10:16 AM

Amy Regier is the best candidate for House District 6.

I have watched Amy Regier grow up in the Valley. She has been successful in her medical career. She would be a great representative. Amy is honest and ethical. Amy has insight into many of the local issues. Amy will be able to find solutions which will benefit our county and state.

Vote for Amy Regier to be the next House Representative for District 6.

—Robert Malberg, Kalispell

My candidate for County Commissioner is Elliot Adams, as an active member of the County Planning Board he understands the need for a strong leader. Private property rights, public communication, and public safety is just a few of the projects Elliot is interested in as a conservative. I know him as a hard-working man with good family values and a desire to help this community to grow. We need people like Elliot Adams in the office of County Commissioner.

—Randy Britt, Kalispell

Montanans are fortunate to have Whitney Williams on the ballot as a candidate for our next governor. We are witnessing firsthand the importance of having a strong leader in the governor’s office as Governor Bullock manages the COVID-19 crisis in a rationale, safe and prudent way. Whitney will bring these same compassionate, fact-based skill sets and dynamic leadership to Montana.

An experienced businesswoman, Whitney created Williamsworks, which helps foundations and businesses solve tough problems like helping victims of natural disasters restart their businesses or helping Veterans transition to civilian life. Her business acumen and success give her the skills to lead our state through challenging issues such as restarting our post-Covid-19 economy, lowering ever-rising prescription drug costs, addressing climate change, and protecting our well-loved public lands.

Whitney comes from a long line of strong Montana women dating back to our state’s first homesteaders. Her work is ethic is relentless and she possesses the rare ability to bring people together, something sorely needed in our divisive times. Endorsed by former Governor Brian Schweitzer, she will bring the same grit, decisiveness and toughness to the Governor’s Office. Please join me in casting your vote for Whitney Williams as the next governor of Montana.

—Sara Scott, Missoula

Montana families and businesses may have some difficult times ahead. It’s clear that Al “Doc” Olszewski is the man to serve as Governor. Dr. Al is a Christian, husband, father, Air Force veteran, physician, businessman and state sfenator.

I personally know all three of the candidates. Dr. Al is the most qualified and willing to defend our rights. Dr. Al is a patriotic conservative whose life was built on service and sacrifice. He holds the experience of making tough decisions, building coalitions and upholding our U.S. and Montana Constitutions.

As an experienced disaster response surgeon, Dr. Al’s experience is invaluable. We can rest assured, especially during a pandemic, he has the skills to protect our most vulnerable and constitutional rights, at the same time.

Dr. Al has a 100% score with The Montana Family Foundation. He is the only Republican candidate that has not taken any special interest or corporate PAC money. He is the only candidate from who unequivocally opposes Medicaid expansion and the CSKT water compact. Dr. Al has a lifetime score of 88% from the American Conservative Union, endorsed by Montanans For Limited Government and “A” NRA rating.

Vote Al “Doc” Olszewski and Ken Bogner. They have our backs.

—Peggy and Ken Miller, Laurel

David Dunn is a young man of integrity who has stood for the rights of the elderly, the unborn and the Second Amendment. His opponent has said that abortion should continue as it currently is practiced and that is very disturbing. Please vote for David Dunn for House District 9 in the primary this June.

—Frances Young, Lakeside