Her ex has got her goats

March 26, 2020 4:55 PM

Someone called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office with a “goat issue.” He said his ex-wife’s goats are constantly on his property, and he can’t keep his business doors open because the goats wander inside.

A man’s vehicle was broken into and his tax returns were stolen.

The vice president of a bank asked officers to walk through his 170-acre property looking for transients. The dispatcher explained to him the Sheriff’s Office was short of manpower to go search his property,” but the caller “didn’t seem to like [the] answer to his request.” Someone with FCSO was able to check the property and he found “nobody around.”

A woman said her neighbor’s dog was “constantly in [her] yard,” although the dog wasn’t there when the woman called. The dog owner was issued a citation.

A car slowed down and pulled into someone’s driveway, but when the homeowner checked the car he said there was no one there.

A woman saw a man walking and said she didn’t “feel like he belong[ed] there.” A male driver eventually picked up the pedestrian, and the woman said she didn’t “think the males or the vehicle belong in her neighborhood.”

A woman told the Whitefish Police Department she found a “suspicious-looking plastic device” sitting on her front door mat. The device apparently looked like “a container with two plastic cups taped to it.” The woman’s husband reportedly kicked it over and nothing happened. The item was removed and disposed of.

Someone asked an officer to check on an older man on Wisconsin Avenue “struggling with his walker in the snow.”

A couple was removed from an apartment complex after the property manager said the man and woman “verbally fight all day” and had been “slamming doors.”

Someone was apparently trying to scam a man and his wife but they didn’t lose any money.

The driver of a Honda with a burned-out brake light was apparently driving slowly, then speeding up when another driver tried to pass him.

A “suspicious male” was investigated about a theft from mailboxes a few weeks earlier, but he said he didn’t have “any knowledge or involvement of the incident.”

A woman left her home because she was scared to be there with her son, who was supposedly “screaming and acting crazy.”

A woman who was home alone told law enforcement she “just saw a shadow” and wanted officers to investigate a man she suspected was in her backyard. The report was deemed to be unfounded.