Temperatures rise despite missing furs

March 23, 2020 1:00 AM

A woman allegedly returned home after being out of town to find two fur coats valued at $15,000 missing and the thermostat turned up to 90 degrees. She allegedly told Kalispell Police Department that her ex-boyfriend stole the coats because she “got word” he gave them to another woman.

She reportedly called police again to add that she also found several designer watches and four tennis bracelets missing.

Two men allegedly engaged in fisticuffs on someone’s front lawn when a woman tried to stop them. The pair were separated, but not before one of the men purportedly was “sucker punched” and thought he had a broken nose. One of the men may have been intoxicated.

An employee on North Meridian Road called police after allegedly confronting an intoxicated man in the parking lot who started approaching them and hit their vehicle.

Police made contact with the man who claimed he was feeding birds when the employee confronted him. He was advised to stay away from the business and feed birds somewhere else.

A truck parked in a private lot was supposedly blocking three vehicles. Two of the vehicles were allegedly able to move “by driving over a curb and through a field.”

A man was reportedly uncomfortable using an ATM on Second Avenue East where he saw people sleeping in a vehicle. He alleged the vehicle had been there for a couple of days and wanted to confirm if it was against the city ordinance to sleep in vehicles.

The people inside the vehicle claimed they had nowhere to go because the warming shelter was closed. Officers advised them they needed to get permission to stay on the property and to move along.

Someone reportedly saw sparks flying on U.S. 2 E. and thought they were coming from a grinder being used by a crouching man to cut through fencing in a tire yard. The jail was reportedly advised about the situation and a tow truck was called to pick up a vehicle with a trailer.

A woman purportedly wanted police to document an incident involving an HOA president and two other people who came to her house and started yelling and calling her names. She was advised to seek legal counsel, which she claimed she had.

A transient with a shopping car was supposedly banging on the windows of a First Avenue West business.