Woman claims she can ‘say what she wants’

March 20, 2020 1:00 AM

A Whitefish woman who always carries a firearm was reported to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office for yelling “obscenities” at her 7-year-old neighbor. The woman said her neighbors had been spraying chemicals and shooting lasers at her. She also stated she was on her property and “can say what she wants regardless of underage children.” She told the officers who responded, “if [you] want to talk with criminals then speak to [my] neighbors.”

A Kalispell man also said, “young people are shining lasers from a house in the area.” He said he saw red, green and possibly blue lasers, and he was concerned they might shine them at aircraft.

Someone else was worried about “flashlight movement in the area.” It turned out to be a property owner checking on his cows.

Someone believed he heard two gunshots near a golf course. Officers investigated and were unable to find “anyone on foot or anything suspicious.” They also noted there were a lot of deer in the area that didn’t seem spooked or distressed, despite the report of gunshots.

A woman said her 22-year-old daughter was “causing trouble” and “cussing up a storm.” She also apparently brought a friend home but she later left.

A dolly for moving heavy items was stolen on U.S. 2 West.

A 7-year-old boy called 911 and said he needed help with homework.

A man believed a police officer called him and asked for his bank information and a dispatcher tried to explain to him this was a fraudulent call.

A woman said her mother’s car was leaking gas and had created a “pretty good puddle.” They were advised not to get back in or turn the vehicle on.

A man apparently yelled obscenities at a mail delivery person.

A pack of dogs was seen running southbound on Shady Lane in Kalispell.

A man said he saw a bicyclist peeking in his window and he “wants to file charges on the peeping Tom.”

A man with dreadlocks walked up to someone’s door in Columbia Falls and asked for bullets. The homeowner told him to “get out of [t]here” and he took off running.

A man’s ex-fiance locked him out of his property and stayed inside with a bat and a drill to destroy his property. She apparently also “tried to use the drill on his genitals.”

A woman drove away with her purse, full of $350 cash, on top of her car.

Someone attempted to use a $20 counterfeit bill labeled “for motion picture purposes” at a business.