Tuesday, August 04, 2020

North Valley Music School offers free guitar program for veterans

| March 19, 2020 1:00 AM

A new guitar program that seeks to help veterans overcome the rigors of combat by using music as therapy to smooth those transitions, will be launched by North Valley Music School today, March 19, in Whitefish.

The program will offer veterans who qualify through the Kalispell Vet Center’s program, free lessons and guitars to use during the six-week course. North Valley Music School’s guitar instructor, Tim Torgerson, will teach at the school, located at 432 Spokane Ave., Whitefish.

Vet Center Outreach Program coordinator Adam Jones is organizing the class in collaboration with the music school and funding provided by the Veterans Upward Bound program.

Jones explained that the program’s mission is to help combat vets readjust to civilian life and reintegrate into their communities. To learn more about the program and other services offered by the Kalispell Vet Center contact Jones at 406-257-7308 or via email to adam.jones436@va.gov.

In addition to the guitar class, North Valley Music School will offer a 10 percent discount to all veterans on adult spring and summer classes.

To learn more about North Valley Music School and its full range music programs for all ages, call 406-862-8074 or email info@northvalleymusicschool.org or visit or www.northvalleymusicschool.org.