Census taker scared out of her wits

March 18, 2020 1:00 AM

A frightened census taker called Flathead County Sheriff’s Office from Blackies Bay Road in Bigfork after reportedly being scared by a man who told her “to get the (expletive) off his property,” possibly banged on her vehicle window and took pictures of her license plate. Officers reportedly talked to both parties, who determined it was a “big misunderstanding.” The landowner was reportedly elderly, “almost deaf,” and he was confused about who she was and why she parked on the main road, partially blocking his gated road.

A woman calling from Idaho Street in Kalispell told deputies two possibly intoxicated homeless people were walking up and down motel halls and looking under doors. The caller alleged her boyfriend told the men to leave and they responded by threatening him and one of them supposedly unzipped his pants, when the line disconnected.

A man and woman were heard yelling at each other on Montclair Drive in Kalispell, prompting someone to lock their doors so they couldn’t come inside.

Officers received two calls requesting welfare checks on a man reportedly rolled up in a blanket behind a guardrail on U.S. 2 E. The man was reportedly OK, just looking for a ride.

An upset man calling from Prairie View Road in Kalispell complained to deputies about “burning at the landfill.” The man claimed his property was damaged as a result of the fire and he had a copy of an expired permit. He wanted officers “to document that the fire is still burning.” The man was advised it was burning season, but he still wanted to talk to a deputy, adding that his wife reportedly went to the hospital with lung issues as a result of the fire.

A woman walking with her two children and dog on Stelle Lane in Whitefish alleged a man in a construction truck came speeding around them and when she put her hands up he got out of his vehicle, approaching her “in an aggressive manner.”

Someone reportedly cut through a person’s back fence on Valley Drive in Kalispell.

A train station employee in Whitefish reported a man with a camera who was allegedly coming up to the train and asking to get on to take pictures, causing a safety hazard. The purported train enthusiast was counseled and moved along.