Lady’s lasagna just can’t wait

March 17, 2020 1:00 AM

Someone accidentally called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office while removing a lasagna from the oven. When the dispatcher tried to get more information from her, she said she needed to finish the lasagna and hung up.

An out-of-country woman called because she thought someone was “threatening her home community of Kalispell” and asked to be put in touch with the FBI.

Someone came home from work to find an intoxicated man passed out in her residence.

A woman passed out behind the wheel and drove into a bridge barrier at 10 miles per hour, but she apparently wasn’t injured.

A deer with broken legs was spotted in a ditch but there apparently weren’t any law enforcement officers available to dispatch it.

A caller in Lakeside said someone “submitted a fraudulent gaming ticket” and “got away with it.”

A juvenile apparently sent a text saying someone had tried to sell him LSD.

An elderly woman wasn’t able to open her door and she asked an officer to help her, but he wasn’t able to open it either since she didn’t have her keys. She said she would see if a neighbor could get it open with a wire hanger.

A man was allegedly looking at a Columbia Falls house to potentially buy the property. He said he believed the site, which was used for taxidermy, was full of “stolen goods and drugs.”

A driver was concerned because he saw the same man smoking at a gas station a few hours apart.

A homeowner said he was “having problems with a neighbor and the neighbor [was] carrying a gun in his pocket.”

A man was spotted in Columbia Falls picking up fallen trees and the person who reported him thought he was removing them from private property owners, but it turned out he had permission to remove them.

The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office was asked to assist in finding a suspect who looks like “a bit of a mountain man.”

A Lake County woman called the sheriff’s office about an incident that occurred the night before. She insisted the incident was not caused by the wind and said she believed “she is being targeted.”

Someone found a bag full of clothes and toiletries and thought this discovery was “strange.”

A woman in the middle of a divorce said she was having problems with her soon-to-be ex-husband recording videos in their house, but a sheriff’s officer explained this isn’t a problem since they both still own the house.