Cut ankle monitor found in paper goods aisle

March 16, 2020 1:00 AM

Someone allegedly cut their ankle monitor off and left it in the paper goods aisle of a big-box store on Hutton Ranch Road.

Kalispell Police Department received a request for extra patrol from someone who claimed there were “a lot of people going in and out of a house with backpacks,” and thought it was a “drug and house.” The person was reportedly rambling and speaking erratically.

Someone reportedly smoking marijuana in an apartment was causing someone’s residence to “smell like a dispensary,” so they called police. The caller reportedly had children living with them, had contacted the landlord about the issue in the past, and wanted the issue resolved. The resident smoker allegedly had a green card, no longer smoked in the apartment, and would work on mitigating the smell.

Someone was concerned about a woman allegedly sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle for 45 minutes because they thought she was passed out. Turns out, she was just talking on the phone.

Someone was suspicious after reportedly seeing welders and toolboxes being unloaded from a vehicle that later returned, driving down an alley with its lights off, and then loading everything back up.

A man wearing a black coat allegedly told a woman he was going to break her neck and kill her. Dispatchers could reportedly hear people in the background telling her to “knock it off,” and that “she was no longer allowed in there for awhile.” A bartender then allegedly told her to leave and that no one said they were going to kill her.

An irate man reportedly yelled at dispatchers about a fight involving his uncle and another man. The man allegedly started crying, saying he was scared and handed the phone to his older sister who said the bartender handled the situation and when asked for a description of a vehicle hung up.

Someone wanted police to pick up a fake $20 bill that a woman reportedly used at a business.