Man throws tantrum when asked to leave

March 15, 2020 1:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department responded to a report about a transient inside a building who allegedly became irate when asked to leave by security staff who wanted to close up in addition to becoming “very aggressive” to a maintenance employee. He reportedly began stomping his feet, yelling, swearing, slamming stuff and throwing items around as he made his grand exit outside with grocery cart of his belongings.

Once outside, he allegedly proceeded to throw his belongings all over the parking lot. Vodka and cigarette butts were found left behind by the man, who was with another transient.

Police responded to a call about an intoxicated man who was purportedly trying to get into a building on Heritage Way. The man then appeared to be “charging traffic.”

A trio of teens holding grocery bags and walking by a friend’s house raised the suspicions of someone who was apparently terrifying enough that the teens took off running on Sixth Avenue West when they saw them.

An intoxicated woman was supposedly almost hit while she was stumbling down the middle of the road. She reportedly cussed at the person when they asked her if she was OK.

A man was reportedly loitering at a location, asking customers for money and kept cursing at someone, trying to get them to buy him a coffee. He supposedly refused to leave after being asked four times. Officers made contact with the man on East Idaho and told him not to return to the business.

A man was allegedly seen sifting through trash in an alley by Third Street West for 10 minutes, which prompted someone to call police.

A driver, who appeared to be hooked up to oxygen, may have not been getting enough when he allegedly drove into someone’s lane, causing them to go off the road and then hugged the center of the lane and almost hit another vehicle.

Someone supposedly heard loud booms that sounded like sparkler bombs.

Someone requested a welfare check on a woman who was reportedly slumped over the wheel of a vehicle for a long period of time. The woman reportedly told officers she was battling the flu.

A woman wearing a dress, coat and flip-flops was allegedly seen walking out into traffic and cussing at everyone on U.S. 93 South.

Someone claimed that a man in a truck with out-of-state license plates kept showing up at a location when children were heading to or from school. The person alleged the man covers himself up with a sleeping bag and “props up a tent shape and looks out a peephole.”

Someone was not happy to involuntarily breathe marijuana smoke that was allegedly filtering through an air exchange from the new neighbors upstairs.