Woman worried about cat invasion

March 13, 2020 1:00 AM

A property manager told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office she was “concerned about the many cats that seem to be taking over the neighborhood.” She added, “this is a nice neighborhood and they are being run over by the cat population.”

A Columbia Falls man was suspicious of a driver parked in front of his driveway who he said was “looking for a place to fornicate.”

A woman apparently called 911 by accident because her phone was “freaking out.” She then tried to “dodge” the dispatcher’s questions and said she didn’t want law enforcement to show up because her “baby [was] sleeping.”

A woman was suspicious of activity going on behind her property because she had seen a lot of traffic in the area. She said she saw a large group of people exit an SUV and get into a trailer and she suspected there was “some kind of drug activity going on.”

Someone apparently tried to break into a car at night and managed to damage the lock so that the owner couldn’t open it the next day.

Someone said their spouse had stolen from them, but since they were still married this allegation was deemed to be “unfounded.”

Six horses were seen on the side of a road in Bigfork.

A man was upset that he found an abandoned Jet Ski on his property.

A Texas man said he had “documentation of conspiracy to commit kidnapping.” He was worried a Colorado woman in Flathead County was going to kidnap her daughter and he also thought the law enforcement in Colorado might be corrupt. An officer who talked to him decided his claims were not enforceable in Montana.

A woman in a dispute with her neighbor said the neighbor had cut her water line and stolen some of her firewood. She asked the Sheriff’s Office to collect samples of the firewood so it could be “tested at the crime lab.” The neighbor said she hadn’t touched the firewood “in several years,” and it turned out the complainant’s contractor had cut the water line.

A woman “known to drive a Volkswagen bug” apparently made threats to a church secretary. She said “God was mad at her” and “she is mad at God.”

A Columbia Falls man was bitten on the hand by a 13-week-old puppy.

Someone wondered about “rumors of dogs being skinned in the area.” The officer told her this is a rumor circulating on social media and nothing has been reported.

A woman believed her friend had taken her vehicle without permission, but it turned out “it was all a misunderstanding.”

A man said he suspected his mother of fraud and “controlling his money.” Apparently the mother pays into the man’s Social Security account and she stopped paying. The man said he believed this constituted fraud. He was advised to contact the U.S. Social Security Administration.