Surly looks ward off confrontation

March 12, 2020 1:00 AM

A man reportedly was upset about a neighbor racing around on a loud off-road vehicle that was “bigger than a quad” and told Kalispell Police Department he did not want to confront him because he “looks a little surly.” Officers made contact with a vehicle in a garage on East California St. and counseled the owner.

Although a pink and white pig supposedly sporting a mohawk appeared to a woman to be someone’s pet, it “did kind of charge at her.”

A man alleged his neighbor kept throwing dog poop over a fence and asked police to come back to the neighbor’s residence and “ream his (expletive) again.” Police offered to patrol the area instead.

Police received a report about a homeless man allegedly setting up camp at the back entry of a church and publicly urinating. Officers spoke with someone who said they allowed a transient to keep a bicycle there, but then the man began accumulating more junk and was possibly sleeping there, so they wanted him moved along.

A woman was reportedly “weirded out” by a man with a face tattoo who knocked on her kitchen window asking for her neighbor and then took off.

Flathead County Sheriff’s Office received a phone call from Spruce Road in Kalispell about a house that purportedly had “vulgar language” spray painted on a fence and what appeared to the caller to possibly the homeowner’s response to the vandalism, which contained “inappropriate language.” The caller, whose sensibilities had been assaulted, wished to remain anonymous. Law enforcement advised them to continue trying to contact the homeowner to voice their concerns.

A burglary was reported on U.S. 93 in Lakeside when someone allegedly found windows smashed by a rock at two businesses.

A man wearing a backwards hat on Montana 35 in Kalispell was reportedly knocking on doors and screaming at people for rides. He was counseled for his disorderly behavior.

A man said to be highly intoxicated reportedly punched someone’s coworker on Conrad Drive in Kalispell.

A woman in the process of moving on Conrad Drive in Kalispell was allegedly concerned about seeing a man seen dressed in camo pants and sweatshirt wander around the property, walk onto her driveway and try to wave her down, but she was not comfortable approaching him.

Two tires on someone’s vehicle were allegedly slashed on Cascade Avenue in Bigfork.

A man on White Birch Lane in Kalispell reportedly believed he lost a 3-4-month-old black Angus cow in the area.

A woman allegedly tried to break into another woman’s residence on Poplar Drive in Kalispell when the resident found a broken lock. The resident had a suspect in mind who purportedly caused issues before. The resident was advised to get a temporary restraining order.

A passerby on Montana 206 in Columbia Falls was “very suspicious” about a man clad in all black who reportedly appeared to be scoping out cars and houses while walking along a road. The passerby allegedly thought the man looked high on methamphetamine and was “acting very strange.”

A man calling from Bear Trail in Whitefish reportedly told officers that his daughter cut herself on broken glass that teenagers purportedly had broken all around a play area and thought someone should know to see if it could be cleaned up. Officers were reportedly unable to locate broken glass, but did find a lot of trash and debris and it appeared people had been breaking things there for quite some time.