Monday, July 13, 2020

Teens build their own set of wheels

| June 29, 2020 1:00 AM

Teens became creative in their spare time and reportedly put wheels on a couch to take it for a spin at the Woodland Park skate park. A water park employee allegedly told them not to because it was unsafe and then made Kalispell Police Department aware of the situation. The teens loaded up the couch and left.

A woman wearing a backpack on a bicycle allegedly dealt drugs to a male driver in a parking lot on Meridian when a passerby saw them exchange money, a pill bottle and a needle. The woman then rode east on Idaho Street.

An older man was supposedly hiding in front of a van in a parking lot off Hutton Ranch Road and a woman was running away from him. The man got into an SUV and left westbound on U.S. 93 and the woman headed eastbound on Hutton Ranch Road. A passerby initially thought she was running from the man, but on second thought, purportedly believed she “was a hooker and the male had just received services from her.”

A Fifth Avenue West resident supposedly had ongoing issues with someone running heavy equipment “at all hours of the day and night.”

A man called police and claimed they didn’t want to be a “snitch,” and proceeded to ramble on about a woman who was driving a four-wheeler drunk and a man with a “cocaine history,” because he was concerned about her children’s welfare.

A black bear is apparently still hanging around town when it was seen “tearing apart the neighbor’s bird feeders,” then possibly ran up a tree.

Someone allegedly wreaked havoc on county property when a broken windshield was discovered on a Flathead County vehicle, the hood scratched on another county vehicle and a building window broken by a rock on 11th Street West.

A tenant was told to move out so she purportedly snuck back in the middle of the night and stole plants.

Someone reportedly filled up potholes in an alley and complained to police that public works staff keep coming onto the property telling him he can’t do that, what is legal and not legal and threatened if “he keeps coming on the property that he’s going to get hurt.”

A man with a shaved head who was allegedly walking northbound on U.S. 93 was counseled by police.

A man reportedly fell to the ground after he was hit by a man who took off.

A very inebriated woman was allegedly having a hard time getting into her apartment and threatened to punch a neighbor who tried to help her and then leaned on her door crying. The neighbor requested officers check on her welfare.

A shirtless man was supposedly “trying to pick fights with everyone he sees,” and telling people he was going to “burn their houses down.”

A 15-year-old claimed she and her friends were “jumped” in a hotel parking lot when she gave a man $300 to rent a room for the night so they could go swimming and he never came back out.