Monday, July 13, 2020

Pepper spray used on unruly teen

| June 27, 2020 1:00 AM

A mother went into the Kalispell Police Department lobby and reported her son was “wigging out.” The teenager was apparently “drunk and disorderly,” and had previously been identified as a “sociopath,” according to his mother. His friend resorted to pepper-spraying the teen in the face and holding him down on the curb. He was eventually sedated.

A dog owner had questions because her neighbor’s cats apparently roam in her yard and eat her dog’s food.

A woman wanted help obtaining a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband, who lives in Bigfork, after he started harassing her new girlfriend.

A man was reportedly staring at a woman in a park and when she returned from a three-hour walk he was still in the parking lot. The woman’s friends said the man was using binoculars to watch her, and she wondered if her ex-husband had convinced someone to follow her.

A shopper at a liquor store departed the shop and immediately stated “openly drinking alcohol” while driving away.

Someone drove by a house and saw a few teenagers and an adult on the roof of the residence.

A Wyoming woman requested a welfare check for her brother in Kalispell because she thought he was “highly intoxicated” and she didn’t want him to drive. She added he is diabetic, very short and has a tendency to “get very angry.” However, he seemed fine when officers contacted him and he promised to call his worried sister.

Some “younger occupants” were apparently driving a car recklessly by “taking turns sharply.” They also allegedly threw a plastic bottle at a person’s car but the bottle didn’t crack the car’s window.

A woman accidentally called 911, said “what the heck?” and disconnected.

A man was worried after a tree branch fell on a car and another limb continued to dangle precariously. He said he was “afraid the other branch may hit someone.”

A man was apparently kicked out of his ex-girlfriend’s mom’s house and they couldn’t come to an agreement about recovering his belongings from the residence. He ended up standing out in a field across from the property trying to figure out how to get his things back.

Someone saw a black bear somewhere in Kalispell but the bear left the area.

A suspicious citizen followed someone between two Kalispell car lots because he thought the supposedly shady character might be taking items out of the vehicles. It turned out the person being followed was simply car shopping.