Monday, July 13, 2020

Drunk woman not liable for others’ stupidity

| June 25, 2020 1:00 AM

An “extremely inebriated” woman on U.S. 2 in Hungry Horse reportedly told Flathead County Sheriff’s Office her van went missing, but she didn’t think it was stolen and possibly her boyfriend took it, however, she wanted deputies to know she was “not liable if they do something stupid.”

A Bigfork woman was reportedly upset over a neighbor trimming trees and told them “it’s on.” The tree trimmer wanted the incident documented in case anything it started a “neighbor feud.”

A purportedly very noisy lifted truck slid onto a Hungry Horse man’s property on River Junction, spun out and dug up the grass. The man alleged a truck had been running up and down the neighborhood for the past several days and requested extra patrol in addition to an officer coming out to “look at the damage.”

Someone claiming to be with Border Patrol reported a slender man with shaggy hair or dreadlocks was allegedly walking eastbound on U.S. 93 in Whitefish carrying a backpack and what appeared to be an AR-15 at his side.

A woman reportedly hit a man in the head with a door and punched someone else on Cottonwood Drive in Kalispell. A later call came in about the same woman who was allegedly “going ballistic” and someone heard “her hands hitting a man,” whom they claimed was elderly and disabled. All parties were separated.

A new tree, just out of its pot, was reportedly stolen on U.S. 2 in Columbia Falls. The tree was valued around $150.

A transient man was yelling at pedestrians on Railway Street in Whitefish and someone thought he may be having a mental health issue. He was reportedly accompanied by a woman with big bags on her back, whom he also yelled at, and a dog. The person who made the initial call reportedly called back to report there was diarrhea “all down the path.”

A flatbed truck hauling rocks in Kila was losing tire tread, which was hitting another vehicle.

Five or six motorcycles were seen speeding and passing over double lines on U.S. 2 in Coram.

A woman allegedly slapped a man in the face and tore his shirt when he took the truck keys. Kalispell Police Department counseled the couple about their behavior and they agreed “to keep the peace.”

A heavy knapsack containing a rolled up sleeping bag and a bolt cutter was found in an alley behind a dumpster.

An apartment dweller purportedly suspected a man in the complex kept stealing cigarettes from their porch although they had no evidence. Police spoke with both parties and the man said he would stay away from the apartment.

A man possibly had heat stroke when he was seen slumped over outside. The man supposedly collapsed next to a lawnmower and started crawling up the lawn.

A man in a van was reportedly advised by police they’ve received numerous complaints he was following women and children around neighborhoods. He claimed he hadn’t done anything wrong, did not want to cause anyone any concern and would stop his behavior.

A man allegedly grabbed a woman’s money out of a casino kiosk and ripped her sunglasses off, hitting her in the process and became “really loud.”

Someone heading home from work saw a man lying on the cement area by a Treeline Road business. The commuter wasn’t sure if he was just napping or something was wrong.