Monday, July 13, 2020

Queen of the hill asserts dominance

| June 24, 2020 1:00 AM

A woman in the company of two men was purportedly “screaming profanities on the hill,” and threatening to come down and beat up someone’s boyfriend near Woodland Park.

A woman called Flathead County Sheriff’s Office from U.S. 2 in West Glacier requesting a welfare check for her boyfriend after he allegedly jumped out of her car because he was “day drinking” and she didn’t want to. She later called to cancel the request after she reportedly found her boyfriend was fine and had hitchhiked out of the area.

An unruly teen allegedly tried to hit someone with a baseball bat on Jackson Meadow Road in Kila. The person reportedly told officers they confronted the teen about driving his four-wheeler up and down the road when he “started getting lippy,” took off and came back with the bat. The person said they took the bat away.

A man and woman reportedly badgered a man who was delivering phone books onto driveways when they followed him and yelled at him for littering on Sunset Drive in Kalispell.

An allegedly “extremely intoxicated” driver rolled a sedan on its side and was trying to push it back over at the end of Mud Lake Road in Bigfork. The driver reportedly refused help and appeared to have minor scrapes on his face. The driver’s parents were allegedly upset law enforcement was called at all.

Someone calling from Evergreen Drive reportedly told deputies they pulled their vehicle over and turned the flashers out of concern a child dressed in a nightgown was seen walking on the shoulder of a road would get hit.

A woman on South Fork Road in Martin City alleged her gate was broken open and her red Angus cow and baby calf were missing. The animals are branded and she claimed to have previously received threats about her animals.

A woman U.S. 93 in Kalispell alleged someone sprayed trees in her yard a month ago, killing four of them.

Two men in a van were allegedly prowling the neighborhood on Church Drive near Kalispell. A woman reportedly thought they were casing the neighborhood because of a previous incident where someone came up to the back door and tried to break in.

Strange people were reportedly through people’s yards on Alpine Drive in Bigfork when someone claimed a car “just drove down the road as fast as it could then spun out and went the other way.”