Monday, July 13, 2020

Octogenarian gets unruly at facility

| June 20, 2020 1:00 AM

An 80-year-old with dementia was apparently acting disorderly at the facility where she lives, according to a call to the Kalispell Police Department. Even though she uses a walker, the woman still allegedly managed to punch people and chase someone with a broom. An employee asked for medical help.

A man in Kalispell appeared to be screaming and “flipping cars off” on a corner. He reportedly took his shirt off and then put it back on, then proceeded to kneel on the ground, stuff a bag down his pants and start to cry. He was taken to a group home.

A woman wanted to speak to an officer about an altercation she thought might take place the following day.

A mother said her four sons were followed home from a park by a suspicious man with dreadlocks driving a lifted truck.

A puppy lover thought a young golden retriever in a car seemed to be “in distress.” However, an officer saw the dog had a bowl of water and the car windows were cracked, so he determined the dog was “not in distress.”

An apparently intoxicated man was seen “staggering and walking into traffic.” He was forbidden from returning to a location on Idaho Street.

A woman reported she was “having an altercation” with a man. The man, however, said this report was “all lies.” The couple agreed to separate for the night and “keep things civil.”

A neighbor thought some people had moved out of their house and abandoned their dog, but the dog owners showed up while she was on the phone with the police and she realized this suspicion was unfounded.

A homeless man was overheard “yelling vulgarities” for 20 minutes behind an apartment.

An employee refused to serve a strange man at a Kalispell business and then the man refused to leave and “started talking about a sex change.”

Someone called the KPD to get a car towed, but then the “issue resolved itself” when the caller found out the driver had just accidentally parked in the wrong space.

A woman suspected she had been scammed after she was visited by a man who claimed he represented a TV provider. Luckily, she found out her credit cards had not been charged.

An employee asked officers to remove a man from a car dealership because he seemed “out of it” and he asked “weird questions.”