Monday, July 13, 2020

Black bear makes pit stop at bird feeder

| June 20, 2020 6:47 PM

Someone told Kalispell Police Department a small black bear was in their front yard and it had gotten into a bird feeder.

A bearded man on a bench was allegedly drinking and “yelling aggressively” at and vehicles. Police may have received another call where he was reportedly punching the air and yelling at no one. He was counseled and moved along.

A man allegedly hit a woman’s son and rode off on a bike while holding a beer in his hand.

Someone went to the police department lobby to give candy bars to officers.

A woman, whose vehicle was being towed, reportedly told the woman parked next to her she was going to scratch her vehicle, and did, in a parking lot off Hutton Ranch Road.

A woman alleged a tall skinny man tried to break into an employee’s vehicle and then laid on the lawn by a building on Crestline Street.

A man allegedly claimed he was with a cable company and “tried to talk his way into a neighbor’s house,” but was not wearing a uniform and supposedly told several different stories to others on Northview Loop.