Monday, July 13, 2020

‘Unsavory’ people counseled in Whitefish

| June 19, 2020 1:00 AM

Some people described as “very unsavory” were spotted outside a converted van or truck and one of them was apparently urinating on a vehicle. The Whitefish Police Department counseled them on city ordinances.

Someone was concerned about a Kalispell woman who had been last seen near the Whitefish Post Office. She apparently seemed upset when she left her daughter’s car the day before and then she was supposed to get on a plane. The mother and daughter apparently had a “verbal disagreement of sorts” but there didn’t seem to be much reason for concern about the woman.

A man reported there was a backpack “leaning against a tree” for multiple days. He was apparently afraid to touch the backpack and he wanted it to be picked up.

An Arizona woman reported drivers are “flying through” an intersection in Whitefish, based on observations from her sister in the area. She wanted law enforcement to “be aware of the happenings.”

A hotel employee wanted law enforcement to check on a man who was leaning against a building and “staggering a bit.” He apparently was not a guest at the hotel.

A biker noticed his wallet had fallen out on an earlier ride on Kallner Lane in Whitefish. At the time he called, it hadn’t been turned in.

A man was worried after a driver got out of a vehicle and started beating on the hood of the bus. The driver explained she was having car trouble with the older vehicle and she had to beat on the hood in order to get it to start.

Brothers were reported to the Columbia Falls Police Department for fighting in a parked vehicle for over an hour. It turned out the fight had been caused by a dispute over Pokemon.

A Columbia Falls dweller complained about lights constantly shining in her windows and pick-up trucks speeding in the area. She requested extra patrol.

A homeowner complained about a man who trespasses on private property to reach the Flathead River. She said he also speeds in the area and litters.

There was allegedly “a kid threatening to beat a cop” in an apartment complex. Someone also thought they heard screaming in the apartment and saw people running away. Law enforcement apparently made contact with the people in the lively apartment unit.

A woman called the police to try to get them to help her get rid of her ex-boyfriend because she was worried he was going to transmit COVID-19 to her.

A woman said she suspected her daughter’s friends were driving under the influence. The daughter apparently “sounded upset in the background” at her mother for calling the police on her friends. The mother admitted she had no proof they were intoxicated other than her daughter telling her they were drunk.