Monday, July 13, 2020

Wrong directions or bad behavior?

| June 18, 2020 1:00 AM

A woman allegedly got lost in a stranger’s backyard when she got out of an older vehicle, went through the gate and was seen walking around a storage shed by someone’s daughter who was home alone. A concerned parent told Kalispell Police Department their daughter let out the dog to chase the woman off. The woman purportedly thought “it must have been a bad address on the map.”

Transients were reportedly getting into trash and throwing it around businesses on U.S. 93 North, leading someone to put a lock on the garbage can. A woman was also supposedly sleeping in a minivan with no license plates in the parking lot.

Officers were alerted that an intoxicated patient left the hospital to supposedly pick up his electric bike. He made it home safely and was advised to contact the hospital.

A woman claimed her landlord removed all her belongings and threw them away while she was gone and had someone moving in although she hadn’t received an eviction notice.

Someone was suspicious that a slender, bearded man attempted a burglary after he was seen trying to jump a fence and was possibly headed south toward West Utah Street.

Someone thought it was cruel to leave a dog in a truck bed for two to three hours.

A woman allegedly thought she saw a tornado when she told police there was a funnel cloud by West Valley School. Others didn’t see a tornado, but a “nasty rainstorm coming.”

A belligerent, intoxicated hotel guest reportedly kept coming out of his room and into an office. An employee alleged he was “too intoxicated to be out in public” and was a “hazard to himself.” The man was willing to go to another hotel, but may have ended up at the hospital instead.

A woman was reportedly being aggressive toward a man when she was heard yelling and cursing at him.

A man allegedly discovered tire marks in his yard and told officers a vehicle “almost hit his house,” but didn’t see it. A neighbor thought the tire marks were left by a white truck.

A hotel employee reportedly requested extra patrol because “weird people” seemed to show up on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Someone reportedly tried to break into a fenced area and cut bales of clothing slated for recycling.

A woman told officers her ex was lying in bed and wanted an ambulance because she elbowed him.

Columbia Falls Police Department attempted to locate a woman’s Jeep reportedly stolen out of Missoula that was spotted at a gas station in town. The vehicle owner said a note was left on her porch that said, “Headed to Idaho City,” but was uncertain if it was related to the theft.