Monday, July 13, 2020

Officers clear men with gear from tree

| June 17, 2020 1:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department received a report of three or four men dressed in paramilitary gear and wearing night-vision goggles, who were in a tree in the corner of a yard. Police “cleared the tree.”

A passerby claimed a situation was starting to get heated, but then calmed down and appeared to be dispersing.

A protest was purportedly “starting to get out of hand,” according to a man who said someone hit his phone out of his hand. The man didn’t want to press charges, but wanted an officer to respond. The person causing the problem left.

A man in a Hawaiian shirt was allegedly yelling at protesters on Main Street and “getting in their faces, screaming.”

An elderly woman went to the police department claiming her neighbor was harassing her and took her car title.

A “slightly intoxicated” woman allegedly told a front desk employee that she threw her belongings out the window and now they were gone.

A “half naked man” was reportedly seen running around. Officers made contact with the man on East Idaho and Fifth Avenue West where it was determined the man was able to keep his pants up while he moved along.

An intoxicated and very loud man was reportedly pushing a shopping cart, yelling and stumbling around a parking lot when he fell down.

A woman allegedly walked out of a store slapping a child in the face before getting into the backseat of a vehicle.

Someone in a parking lot off U.S. 2 West was supposedly banging on a car window and cursing at the occupant.

A woman was screaming, slamming doors and throwing stuff around in a location where drug activity was allegedly going on.

Four people were purportedly partying too loudly and drinking for someone who told police an intoxicated woman was lying outside the apartment. Officers issued three citations and a teen was released.

A purportedly starving dog was so skinny it couldn’t bark. Law enforcement had previous calls about the dog where it was indicated the dog was OK — just old.

Whitefish Police Department gave a citation to an older man for disturbing the peace for “yelling at everyone in the park about their dog” on Armory Road.

Someone was suspicious of a backpack sitting in front of a restaurant on Central Avenue because no one was around.

Someone’s garage door was allegedly spray-painted with the letters “BLM.”

Someone reportedly got a rough neighborhood welcome on Colorado Avenue when they told police they just moved in and heard a man and woman screaming and yelling, items breaking and someone saying “you hit me.” They then heard someone stomp down the stairs and saw a man walk “frantically away.”

Someone was suspicious of a man who looked like “he just wandered off the highway” and was talking to himself on U.S. 2, so they called Columbia Falls Police Department.