Monday, July 13, 2020

Woman causes parking-lot drama

| June 16, 2020 1:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department responded to a call from an employee who returned some possessions a woman left in the restaurant and she allegedly went to the parking lot where she started throwing stuff. The woman reportedly had been drinking so her vehicle was secured and she was taken home.

A man wearing a black hoodie allegedly dropped his pants and started defecating on Old Reserve Drive.

A stop sign and fencing were reportedly knocked down and tire tracks left behind at a job site.

A man with a gap in his teeth and a shirt tied on his head purportedly rode up to a hotel on a bicycle and then stole a guest’s 10-speed bicycle. The person calling in the report allegedly hadn’t been able to contact the bike’s owner about the situation.

Someone claimed their sister received an “aggressive phone call” where a pushy “administrator” asked for donations for police. The person was advised the call was a scam.

The owner of a vehicle that was reportedly egged took pictures of the mess and wanted police to know in case there were similar reports.

An employee told officers a former worker’s truck had been parked for more than a month at the location and they needed a case number to get it towed. The employee alleged the engine on the truck was torn apart, they were unable to get a VIN number and there were no license plates on it.

An 18-speed Huffy bicycle had reportedly been left in someone’s yard for two weeks.

A strange man allegedly cut across a man’s field and kept stopping and going from house to house.

Someone reportedly with the Department of Transportation found a knife thrown over a fence and wanted permission to dispose of it.

A man in a van was reportedly approaching young children.

A skinny woman wearing a cardigan with ruffles was allegedly selling drugs on the street when someone claimed to see her handing small white baggies to people.