Monday, July 13, 2020

Man’s singing mistaken for screaming

| June 15, 2020 1:00 AM

A man’s singing reportedly translated as random yelling and screaming to someone who called Kalispell Police Department claiming he was “higher than a kite,” adding that he was kicking the ground while walking on California Street. While he might not be receiving a Grammy anytime soon, the man, who had headphones on, was OK.

A man at a motel allegedly asked police to give him and his dog a ride to stay at a nursing home. When told he had to apply to stay at a nursing home, he said he wanted to go to the emergency room. Officers attempted to call a taxi, but there was no answer.

Officers reportedly decided to give him a ride one last time. In route to the emergency room, however, the man changed his mind and wanted to go back to the motel.

It’s safe to say he will no longer get any free rides from police who advised him of his warrant from Flathead County Sheriff’s Office.

A man with bloody hands was allegedly waving around a handgun and hitting a pole on North Main Street. Near him was a smashed portable speaker, which he took when he left. Officers determined the firearm was fake and the man known to use drugs. He was taken in for a mental health evaluation.

An intoxicated man in the grandstands was reportedly out of control, being obnoxious and acting aggressively toward his child.

Someone on a path that leads up to Whitefish Stage Road claimed to see a black bear that was “making noises at them.”

A man came home to find a drug needle and pliers behind his house.

A woman with a grocery cart full of personal items was reportedly told by management that taking the cart off their property was theft.

A large dog allegedly got out of a house through an open window and “went after” a scared woman sitting on a bench.

A landlord was reportedly trying to move a woman’s belongings out of her house. Officers counseled both parties and drug paraphernalia was seized for destruction.

A man believed someone shot the back window of his truck with a BB gun, breaking it.

Someone reportedly had problems pulling out of an alley because a parked vehicle had been blocking the view for oncoming cars for more than a week.

Someone was suspicious of a “very old” van that was supposedly left running for several hours. The driver allegedly asked them for a jump, but they refused and told officers he went into a house that was “busted for drugs.”

Extra patrol was requested during evening hours by a resident who lived in the area of a grocery store because there were a lot of people allegedly camping in the parking lot.