Sunday, August 09, 2020

Scary suspicions are delusions

| June 13, 2020 1:00 AM

A woman told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office she thought she saw her neighbor load a woman’s body into a truck. She believed she heard the man fighting with the woman after he brought her home from a bar the night before. Then she was convinced she overheard the man say, “I have a body to dump.” However, law enforcement soon learned the caller experiences delusions.

A man called 911 but told the dispatcher he didn’t have an emergency. The dispatcher advised him to call back on the non-emergent line to free up the emergent line for anyone who might have a life or death crisis, but this made the caller angry. He said, “Never mind, story of my life, apparently the cops aren’t out here to help people” and then hung up.

A man with gas cans was apparently stationed outside a property, threatening to burn it down. All of the parties in the disagreement were counseled and it was determined the fight was only verbal.

A woman called to report a noise disturbance and then changed her story to say her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend was harassing her. It appeared unclear “what the exact issue is” and when asked for a location, the caller gave a general neighborhood description and then insisted, “that’s all I’m going to say.”

A brown horse was running around Whitefish Stage Road without a bridle or a saddle. A man was able to corral it and return it to its owner.

A rock was thrown through a window at night and then the homeowner noticed her liquor was out of place the next day.

A man living in a tent under a bridge was accused of stealing four extension cords, and the woman who reported him said she had experienced previous issues with him stealing extension cords in the past.

Three black cows were apparently “causing a road hazard” on Echo Lake Road. The owners eventually moved the cattle off the road.

A woman apparently parked by some dumpsters and got in and out of her car to walk around and yell at herself for about three hours. Someone asked law enforcement to do a welfare check on her and she was forbidden from returning to the location.

Someone accidentally called 911 and claimed her phone was black so she couldn’t see anything on the screen.

A neighbor was worried a woman was suffering from “extreme alcohol intoxication” after she had been drinking for two weeks straight and ended up in a “stupor.”

A man realized his horse trailer filled with two dirt bikes, two four-wheelers and one lawn mower had been stolen four weeks earlier. He also reported three chain saws were stolen out of a separate trailer.