Sunday, August 09, 2020

Garden a graveyard for animals

| June 11, 2020 1:00 AM

A woman allegedly turned bones in to Kalispell Police Department that she found while gardening. A veterinarian determined the bones were from an animal and they were disposed of.

A rascal reportedly threw fireworks at pedestrians and one landed in a man’s truck, hitting him in the face.

Police received a report of a couple walking a dog and a pig. The woman walking the pig allegedly didn’t clean up after it defecated “all over” the sidewalk.

A young man, who had a “bag with sticks,” reportedly walked into someone’s garage and then went over to the neighbors, where he grabbed something out of the garbage can.

A tall slender man appeared to be intoxicated and very confused to someone who claimed he was “wandering around aimlessly” in a motel parking lot.

A person’s gas tank was allegedly foaming and bubbling and they thought someone put something in it.

A man’s neighbors reportedly yell vulgarities and flip him and his family off every time they drive by. He alleged the vehicle usually contains two to three people who pull the same routine with other neighbors.

Five children were reportedly running their skateboards into a man’s garage, damaging it. He claimed they wouldn’t stop when asked. He decided to speak with their parents and didn’t want police to take any action.

A group of young people and possibly six to eight vehicles were allegedly loitering in a parking lot and other vehicles were having difficulty getting through. They were moved along.

A man reported his rental car stolen when it went missing for an hour. He located it shortly after.

A woman in a van was allegedly screaming that she was kidnapped from Oregon and to call 911. When police arrived, a man was detained in handcuffs and the woman reportedly said they were verbally arguing and she had not been kidnapped. Officers relayed the reasons for stopping and detaining the man and determined no crime had been committed.

Someone reportedly stole two packs of beer.

A man allegedly choked a woman.

A woman came out of the store and reportedly found two dents and white paint transfer on her vehicle and noticed the vehicle next to her was white. She supposedly tried talking to the elderly woman driving the vehicle who stated she did not do it and drove away.