Sunday, August 09, 2020

Would you like extra fraud on that pizza?

| June 10, 2020 1:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department received a phone from someone in Utah who claimed they were receiving alerts that their credit card number was being used to order pizza online and the business had their address.

A man reportedly thought he was sprayed with bear spray by someone who initially tried to run him over with their car. The man declined medical attention and thought the suspects were there to beat up a man associated with a woman in a previous incident.

Someone woke up to the sounds of car alarms and supposedly scared off two men who were getting into cars in the Lawrence Park area. One of the men reportedly yelled that it was his vehicle before running off. The men may have run up a block and gone through another car because the person could see flashlights and a dome light on in a car.

A white sedan “full of people” allegedly parked in front of someone’s house and when law enforcement passed by a man got out and ran down the street.

A skinny man who was reportedly “really drunk” and walking a dog, was seen falling over into some bushes. The man claimed he was trying to find his truck. The man and his dog were given a ride to a motel.

Store employees may have saved a man from losing money in a scam when he reportedly went to purchase gift cards for someone who called him and told him to do so. After one store employee told him it was a scam, the caller told the man “that was ridiculous” and to go to another store. He did, and another store employee told him it was a scam, so he drove home and kept the caller on hold while he called police from his home phone.

Flathead County Sheriff’s Office called back an abandoned 911 call from someone on Swan River Road in Bigfork who was reportedly trying to contact Fish and Game about plastic caught on a concrete boat slip that looked “large, like a body.” A later call came in about the same suspicious object hooked to the boat launch. Turns out, it was just a rolled-up tarp.

Someone called officers to report their truck was completely underwater after they reportedly put their truck in neutral instead of park. A towing service and dive team were requested and the vehicle was removed.

A handicapped access sign valued at $150 was reportedly stolen on Helena Flats Road.

A man calling from Swan Mountain Drive in Kalispell alleged their relative was claiming to be him and had “caused a kid to go to missing.” He was advised no crime had been committed nor were there any missing person reports filed under the name he reported.

A vehicle driving on Going to the Sun Road in West Glacier was reportedly tailgated by a sedan “all the way from Cut Bank” and then pulled up beside them honking.

Dump trucks, “especially the red truck,” were supposedly speeding on Armory Road in Whitefish.

An older man allegedly drove a car in the wrong lane on U.S. 93 in Kalispell and almost hit another vehicle.

A Kalispell woman went to the sheriff’s office and reportedly requested a victim’s advocate after someone threatened her, threatened to burn her house down and harm her animals.

Someone calling from First Avenue on Hungry Horse reported their custom Harley Davidson Santee motorcycle was stolen and that it was valued at $6,000.