Sunday, August 09, 2020

Flashlight needed to find asparagus

| June 9, 2020 1:00 AM

A passerby told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office concerned about a man in a ditch with a flashlight. When the person asked if everything was OK, the man in the ditch didn’t answer. However, law enforcement learned he was “just picking wild asparagus.”

A hiker told authorities he reportedly saw a woman throw a baby out of a first floor window and a man caught the baby. No other details were provided.

A drunk man in a train station lobby refused to leave and became “argumentative” when an employee refused to sell him a train ticket.

A woman heard dogs barking and then found a window smashed on her truck.

A mother reported a black car was parked across the street and the driver “squealed” his tires when she left the location with her children. Then she believed the same car was parked somewhere else near her, but the driver had supposedly changed.

A woman showed up in a person’s yard, picking up rocks and putting them in her mouth.

A woman said she was kicked out of a residence by her boyfriend’s parents and then they refused to give her back her cat.

A man who spends the winter at his brother’s cabin apparently came over without permission to find the locks changed. This made him angry and he proceeded to break the door with a golf club, “bust” a large mirror and throw a bunch of large household items off the porch, including a refrigerator, microwave and table. He was forbidden from returning to the property.

A woman thought a man was breaking into mailboxes, but he turned out to be a postal worker changing locks on the mailboxes.

A meth-using mother of a seven-month-old said “she was tired so she was going to the woods to sleep with her baby.” Law enforcement was able to track her down and make sure her baby was safe.

A woman was apparently doing “weird things” and a person watching her thought she had “lost her mind.” She reportedly said she would collect her things and move along.

A painter returned to a emerged from the house swinging a baseball bat and threatening to kill the painter.