Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Egging apparently not enough for vandals

| July 11, 2020 1:00 AM

A man told the Kalispell Police Department his house was “egged, appled and Popsicled” and trash was thrown in his driveway. He suspected the vandals were children who live nearby because he apparently yelled at them for shooting off fireworks the day after the Fourth of July. He requested extra patrol in the area.

Another victim of vandals said his three cars were “decorated” with silly string overnight. He said he suspected silly string is a “certain group’s weapon of choice.” He believed he was targeted because he “flies a flag every day” but he didn’t have any suspects.

Someone called to report a “bunny rabbit issue.”

An employee at a school reported two transient” for reportedly smoking pot on a rock. One of the subjects apparently had a guitar case and a dog. The caller said this was an ongoing problem.

A man and a woman were seen physically fighting in a vehicle in a drive-thru line at a fast food restaurant. When officers contacted the couple, they insisted they were “play fighting.”

A neighbor complained about a “giant” dog that barks non-stop. The dog owners told an officer they don’t own a large dog, although they do have two medium-sized dogs. They were given a copy of the city’s dog ordinance.

Numerous electronics were stolen overnight out of a vehicle that has a back door that doesn’t lock.

A man told the Columbia Falls Police Department he thought his girlfriend’s neighbor poisoned her dog. The dog died on the day he called, and he said the neighbor had previously “threatened to kill the dogs on several occasions.”

In another dog altercation, a neighbor allegedly pointed a gun at a dog after it chased a wild rabbit into her yard. The gun-toting neighbor explained it was only a BB gun and she “will not do it again.” She added “the weapon was never pointed at” the human owner of the dog.

A motorcycle rider in Columbia Falls apparently dropped a backpack in front of a house and “never turned around to come get it.” The homeowner wanted law enforcement to pick up the bag.

A Columbia Falls business owner thought some passersby who “seemed suspicious” shot his front door. He said an employee heard the gunshot and the bullet hole was visible, but then it seemed that the damage was actually done by “a rock with a slingshot.”

A man apparently stopped in front of another man’s house and started yelling at him, then “stopped yelling and drove off.” The victim of the yelling said he had an ongoing issue with the same man running a stop sign near his house.