Acharya, Mehl 4th of July champs

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Logan Lindholm, of Kalispell, watches his second shot on the first hole of the north course during the Fourth of July Tournament at Whitefish Lake Golf Club on Saturday. (Casey Kreider/Daily Inter Lake)

WHITEFISH — Jasi Acharya of Carver, Minnesota, went wire-to-wire while Cory Mehl of Seattle turned in a sensational finish to top the leader board at the 82nd annual 4th of July Tournament at Whitefish Lake Golf Club on a sunny, but very windy Saturday.

Acharya, who led by seven shots after the first 18 holes and by six after 36, finished four shots ahead of the field to capture the women’s title.

Acharya, 63-77-76—216, had a 4-over-par round on the final day on the South Course. She broke the South Course record during Thursday’s opening session under ideal weather conditions with a 63.

Stephanie Hurlbert of Magnolia, Texas, had the best score again on the last day, carding a 74 to finish at 220. She had the best round on Friday with a 71.

Tiegan Avery of Kalispell, 72-78-76—226, was third.

Rounding out the top five were Morgan O’Neil of Laurel, 78-75-77—230, and Kylie Esh of Missoula, 70-76-87—233.

Coral Schulz of Whitefish and Cathie Tronson of Great Falls had the second best scores on the final day with 75s. Schulz finished sixth and Tronson seventh.

Mehl, who was nine shots back after 36 holes, closed with a 1-under 71 for a 214 total and a one-shot victory over Logan Lindholm of Kalispell and Andrew Medley of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Lindholm and Medley were tied for the lead after 36 holes and held a 3-shot advantage heading into Saturday’s action. Both shot 78 to close with 215 scores.

Conor Rooney of Whitefish and former champ Robb Bergeson of Billings tied foίίr fourth with 217s.

Mark Mance of Whitefish, who shot a 72 on Saturday, was sixth with a 218.

Defending champion Joey Moore of Billings was eight shots off the pace and tied for ninth.

82nd annual 4th of July Tournament


Whitefish Lake Golf Club


South Course

Par 72

Championship Flight

Jasi Acharya, Carver, MN 63-77-76—216

Stephanie Hurlbert, Magnolia, TX 75-71-74—220

Tiegan Avery, Kalispell 72-78-76—226

Morgan O’Neil, Laurel 78-75-77—230

Kylie Esh, Missoula 70-76-87—233

Coral Schulz, Whitefish 78-83-75—236

Cathie Tronson, Great Falls 78-85-75—238

Whitney Frykman, Seattle 74-90-82—246

Kinsey Irvin, Lewiston 73-82-92—247

Marianne Barker, Whitefish 87-86-86—259

Marcy Holt, Spokane 79-92-88—259

Katie Wills, Missoula 89-85-85—259

Kathy Dodd, Whitefish 81-82-97—260

Marianne Nelson, Missoula 80-89-92—261

Emily Garden, Lolo 89-85-90—264

Janell Tanner Oneal, Bigfork 84-89-93—266

Marcella Mercer, Bigfork 86-98-87—271

Bobbie Lacklen, Libby 93-89-92—274

Jenna Gordon, Calgary, AB 99-93-89—281

First Flight

Ginny Larence, Kiawah Island, S.C. 83-83-87—253

Marcia Reimers, Missoula 91-82-89—262

Sandy LaPoint, LaQuinta, CA 88-89-87—264

Kelly Coleman, Billings 89-85-91—265

Jody Fee, Whtiefish 94-89-84—267

Linda Ray, Whitefish 87-90-97—274

Cheryl Walter, Lethbridge, AB 96-89-92—277

Jeanette Cheney, Whitefish 90-96-92—278

Joanne Fryk, Edmonton, AB 91-95-96—282

Stacy Denning, Whitefish 97-91-95—283

Tracey Whisenand, Whitefish 96-89-99—284

Ruth Fenn, Libby 93-93-103—289

Sandy Haydu, Edmonton, AB 100-93-96—289

Cindy Stein, Whitefish 103-90-99—292

Samantha Peters, Kalispell 99-93-105—297

Wendy Chirino, Kalispell 101-95-101—297

Grazely Tarra, Billings 106-99-104—309

Kate Downen, Portland, OR 116-113-108—337


North Course

Par 72


Cory Mehl, Seattle 74-69-71—214

Logan Lindholm, Kalispell 68-69-78—215

Andrew Medley, Scottsdale, AZ 66-71-78—215

Conor Rooney, Whitefish 70-72-75—217

Robb Bergeson, Billings 70-70-77—217

Mark Mance, Whitefish 73-73-72—218

Sean Benson, Billings 72-69-78—219

Craig Hurlbert, Magnolia,TX 78-69-73—220

Sam Krause, Seattle 76-71-75—222

Joey Moore, Billings 72-75-75—222

Garrett Woodin, Billings 75-71-77—223

Justin Miller, Phoenix 78-70-75—223

Bob Hasquet, Missoula 76-72-75—223

HoTae Kim, Billings 72-76-75—223

Kyle Mossfeldt, Calgary, AB 80-72-73—225

Shawn Tucker, Whitefish 73-73-79—225

Payton Scott, Billings 74-74-78—226

Brad Grattan, NA 75-77-76—228

Jim Coleman, Billings 74-75-79—228

Ben Marsh, Scottsdale, AZ 72-80-76—228

Marty Mehl, Seattle 74-72-83—229

Bennett MacIntyre, Hellena 74-75-80—229

Sean Ramsbacher, Missoula 71-80-79—230

Ross Bartell, Great Falls 76-78-77—231

Cooper Donahue, Scottsdale, AZ 74-79-79—232

Liam Clancy, Park City 72-79-82—233

Bucky Crippen, Missoula 77-81-77—235

Christian Clark, Dallas 79-79-81—239

Joseph Potkonjak, Bigfork 74-80-86—240

Samuel Berry, Billings 83-86-72—241

Brock Robillard, NA 75-82-85—242

Rick Reimers, Missoula 75-82-85—242

First Flight

Curtis Blake, Okotoks, AB 78-70-75—223

John Moscrip, Snoqualmie, WA 77-75-76—228

Ryan Swagar, NA 75-81-74—230

Byron Olson, Houston 79-75-78—232

Cayde Brown, Calgary, AB 80-74-79—233

Carter Hickock, Dallas 79-73-82—234

Derek Denning, NA 77-80-78—235

Brian Brown, Nanton, AB 78-74-83—235

Jonny Cielak, Libby 76-78-82—236

Jason Winkler, Kalispell 76-76-85—237

Spencer Hughes, NA 77-75-85—237

Jack Johnston, Missoula 78-81-83—242

Joe Johnston, Missoula 79-79-86—244

Doug Honkamp, Cave Creek, AZ 79-81-84—244

Roger Thorn, Seattle 80-82-82—244

Tyler Schiff, San Deigo 80-82-84—246

Darren Rowell, Castle Rock, CO 76-85-85—246

Scott Willits, Phoenix 79-81-91—251

Adam Curry, Missoula 82-83-95—260

Akuu Acharya, Missoula 83-92-90—265

Second Flight

Michael DeGrazier, Corvalis 81-67-75—223

Ken Bush, Conway, S.C. 77-73-74—224

Scott Friggle, Round Rock, TX 80-78-77—235

Brad Cox, Lethbridge, AB 75-78-83—236

Steve Williamson, Shelby 78-76-84—238

Loy Sullivan, Whitefish 80-78-80—238

Kevin Sieben, Surprise, AZ 83-79-77—239

Mark Mossfeldt, Calgary, AB 76-80-83—239

David Knight, Phoenix 85-72-82—239

Riley Kaercher, Billings 78-80-82—240

Jay Medley, Dunwoody, GA 83-80-77—240

Phil Vilar, NA 81-77-83—241

Blake Hasquet, Missoula 80-73-89—242

Matt Longfield, NA 79-77-86—242

Russ DeVore, NA 79-80-83—242

Nick Hustwaite, NA 81-76-88—245

Brady Cady, Billings 79-78-89—246

Winston Oppelt, Livingston 86-81-80—247

Jim Berry, Billings 86-79-83—248

Colin Curtis, Seattle 76-87-85—248

Eric Galcher, Calgary, AB 86-78-85—249

Gary Newlin, Denver 83-84-82—249

Jon Nau, Denver 84-82-86—252

Zach Osborne, Butte 87-85-81—253

Chris Geddes, Cranbrook, B.C. 83-88-84—255

Jeff Somrock, Carver, MN 83-88-85—256

Brad Bechler, Whitefish 87-87-84—258

Dan Boda, New York 86-89-85—260

Third Flight

Gary Wagner, Helena 78-76-74—228

Mack Duvall, Dallas 83-75-80—238

Micheal Burney, NA 77-78-83—238

Dan Knechtel, Asheville, N.C. 86-77-76—239

Matthew Krause, Seattle 79-77-84—240

Tobin Woldtvedt, Missoula 81-81-80—242

Duke Moscrip, Seattle 82-77-83—242

Kevin Woodin, Billings 81-82-80—243

Baker Montgomery, Dallas 84-80-79—243

Josh Joseph, NA 80-84-81—245

Jeff Pasco, Red Deer, AB 86-78-84—248

Brandann Rohrer, NA 86-78-86—250

Scott Cummings, Medina, WA 85-81-85—251

Billy Wagner, Helena 86-81-84—251

Aaron Marsh, NA 83-84-85—252

Hayden Peters, Billings 84-80-88—252

Ian Fraser, Airdrie, AB 86-80-87—253

Justin Walsh, Helena 81-89-84—254

Joe Opitz, Missoula 78-94-83—255

Kyle Sheppard, Havre 80-84-91—255

Ted Dann, Seattle 91-85-80—256

Kelly Kolstad, Seattle 87-83-88—258

Trevor Schmidt, Calgary, AB 91-88-80—259

Barney Shynkaruk, Regina, SK 82-82-95—259

Chris Zeches , Phoenix 86-89-86—261

Nathan Osborn, Wilsonville, OR 84-87-93—264

Luke Bauernfeind, Spokane 81-88-96—265

Kevin Melling, Arvada, CO 90-89-87—266

Cam Geddes, Cranbrook, B.C. 100-80-89—269

Colton Oppelt, Bozeman 89-98-84—271

Fourth Flight

Kevin Ryan, Long Beach, CA 80-79-78—237

Cameron Kahle, NA 75-86-81—242

Billy Smith, Dallas 80-77-86—243

John Velk, Missoula 81-77-86—244

Joe Tourtelot, Santa Monica, CA 80-82-87—249

Jeff Fairlee, Denver 88-86-78—252

Art Williams, NA 84-87-84—255

Baker Stockton, Dallas 82-82-92—256

Eric Gislason, NA 87-85-84—256

Austin Smith, New York 85-91-82—258

Mark Stella, Henerson, NV 92-86-86—264

Brad Kaiser, Long Beach, CA 89-85-91—265

Jacob Washer, Missoula 89-90-87—266

Mike Mulcahy, NA 86-91-89—266

Mike Cowden, Kalispell 91-88-88—267

Jay Jovanovich, Granada Hills, CA 91-90-90—271

Rob Braig, Kalispell 88-92-97—277

Ryan Stewart, Portland, OR 94-93-91—278

Christian Kaempfer, Denver 99-94-88—281

Bret Greenlaw, Calgary, AB 90-100-101—291

Jesse Hedeen, Kalispell 91-100—191

Robb Gleason, NA 122-112—234



Rich Boswell, Calagary, AB 75-76-72—223

Peter Benson, Billings 71-73-80—224

Brett Bennyhoff, Great Falls 76-76-79—231

Thomas Shea, Whitefish 80-76-77—233

Sam Saunders, Buckeye, AZ 76-78-81—235

Rod Brady, Whitefish 82-74-80—236

Jim Marsh, Scottsdale, AZ 79-75-82—236

Walt Barnes, Addison, TX 77-84-79—240

Dave Streeter, Whitefish 85-75-83—243

Earl Rife, Kalispell 82-83-78—243

Bruce Walter, Great Falls 81-81-83—245

Gary Holt, Spokane 81-79-86—246

Tom Hall, Great Falls 78-90-85—253

Mike Walsh, Great Falls 95-87-86—268

Tim Hansen, Calgary, AB 85-87-99—271

First Flight

Larry Schwenke, Coeur d’Alene, ID 81-79-83—243

Dan Lieberg, Helena 77-82-86—245

Mark DeGrazier, Corvallis 80-87-80—247

Jim Kirkpatrick, Havre 82-85-82—249

Don Foulkes, Whitefish 82-82-85—249

Dwight Jack, Calgary, AB 84-85-83—252

Jim LaPoint, LaQuinta, CA 82-87-87—256

Doug Oleson, Whitefish 85-82-89—256

Fritz Whisenand, NA 84-84-89—257

Tim Pfister, Billings 89-84-88—261

Mike Bailey, Scottsdale, AZ 86-83-93—262

Robert Sandman, Whitefish 82-87-95—264

Dann Rohrer, Libby 92-85-89—266

Dan Moe, Frenchtown 90-91-92—273

Jo Fryk, Edmonton, AB 87-95-94—276

Carl “Tom” Long, Whitefish 94-90-94—278

Second Flight

Kevin Cummings, Salt Lake City 84-82-82—248

Dan Wagner, Havre 83-79-86—248

Stan Krause, LaQuinta, CA 89-87-80—256

Brent Appelgren, Whitefish 84-93-89—266

Brian Cripe, Whitefish 87-90-89—266

Bruce Hogan, Whitefish 91-89-88—268

Steve Solberg, Billings 81-96-92—269

Kevan Green, Whitefish 90-88-93—271

Ralph Hemp, Whitefish 91-91-90—272

Barry Fenn, Libby 93-84-96—273

Bob Slaven, Polson 94-88-95—277

Pat Montalban, Cut Bank 90-91-98—279

Doug Schmoldt, Henderson, NV 100-92-93—285

Alan Allred, Rendondo Beach, CA 97-95-101—293

Rick Wheeler, Great Falls 105-98-99—302

Stu McKeever, Johns Island, S.C. 106-99-102—307

Brian Geddes, Cranbrook, B.C. 108-104-103—315

Ted Hodges, Whitefish 110-109-107—326

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