Results from Flathead County Science Fair

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There were about 185 third- through 12th-graders who competed in the Flathead County Science Fair March 1 at the Flathead County Fairgrounds.

Here are the results:

Special Awards

Audubon Society Wildlife Conservation awards: Keanu Ng, Kalispell Middle School, “Ocean Acidification”; Jakob Ritzdorf, Kalispell Middle School, “The Effectiveness of eDNA to find the Distribution of an Invasive Species.”

Flathead Lake Biological Station Environmental Science awards: Laney Conger, Columbia Falls High School, “The Effects of Environmental Awareness on Recycling Decisions”; Calvin Schmidt, Kalispell Middle School, “Erosion Prevention Strategies: A Simulation of an Eroding Shoreline”; Boone Shanks, Glacier Gateway Elementary, “Puddle to Potable.”

Kalispell Regional Healthcare Health Science Award: Bridgett Meskis, Kalispell Middle School “The Effects of Shortwave Ultraviolet on Bacteria Reproduction”; Tabitha Raymond, Helena Flats School, “DNA Fruit Salad.”

Flathead Electric Cooperative Energy-related Project Award: Alexandra Houseworth, Kalispell Middle School, “The Renewable Rotating Recharger.”

Montana Programmers Association Engineering Award: Hannah Geiger, Kalispell Middle School, “Aroma Cube Birch Box.”

Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation Award: Morgan Cordell, Hunter Nicholson, Brady Peiffer, Brigham Pitts, Glacier High School, “Tent Stakes in Soft Soil.”

Category awards

Third grade

Biological Science

Grand: Yris Hadziomerovic, home school, “How does your short-term memory work best?”

Reserve: India Rose Pfannenstiel and Luca Duffy, Kalispell Montessori School, “Growing with Science.”

Physical Science

Grand: Hayden Holloway, Edgerton Elementary, “Milk to Plastic.”

Reserve: Elizabeth Beisel, Edgerton Elementary, “Turn Milk into Plastic.”

Third and fourth grade


Grand: Aubrey Smith, Glacier Gateway Elementary, “Why the Eye?”

Reserve: Alisa Strutz, Edgerton Elementary, “Mouse Trap Go Cart.”

Fourth grade

Biological Science

Grand: Amanda Leonard, Bigfork Elementary, “I am Green and I Grow”; Silas Young, Hedges Elementary, “What is the Most Effective Way to Filter Contaminated Water?”

Reserve: Elaina Dorr, Glacier Gateway Elementary, “How Fresh are Your Eggs?”; Kira Shanks, Glacier Gateway Elementary, “Hot or Cold.”

Physical Science

Grand: Thomas Bertram, Hedges Elementary, “How Temperature Effects Balloon Speed”; Teigan Flint, Deer Park School, “Investigating Rock Strength”; Oscar Metallo, Glacier Gateway Elementary, “Sugar Rocks!”

Reserve: Kaida Allan, Glacier Gateway Elementary, “Solar Powered Desalination”; Katie Manning, St. Matthew’s School, “Glow.”

Fifth grade

Biological Science

Grand: Ethan Amick, Whitefish Christian Academy, “Confused Communication: An Experiment of Brain Interference”; Connor Howard, Edgerton Elementary, “Thumbthing Related”; Dylan Palmer, Bigfork Elementary, “What Soap Removes Germs the Best?”

Reserve: Shelby Bergman, Edgerton Elementary, “The Fresh Cut Flower Project”; Payton Kallenberger, Bigfork Elementary, “Colorful Cough”; Patrick Weaver, Glacier Gateway Elementary, “Rot or Not”; Isabel Zemacke, Stillwater Christian School, “Essential Oils vs. Household Cleaners.”

Physical Science

Grand: Ethan Anderson, Edgerton Elementary, “Watts in Your Wallet”; Ava Bessen, Kalispell Montessori, “Wind Power”; Carson Miller, Stillwater Christian School, “The Endothermic Reaction Coming into Action”; Boone Shanks, Glacier Gateway Elementary, “Puddle to Potable”; Reed Wollenzien, Glacier Gateway Elementary, “Magnetic Muscle.”

Reserve: Addy Bowler, Glacier Gateway Elementary, “First One to Freeze Wins”; Anna Davis, Stillwater Christian, “Maglev Train”; Braeden Gunlock, Bigfork Elementary, “Bridge Design on Weight Bearing Capacity”; Eric Miner, Ruder Elementary, “Rivers vs. Streams Table”; Sam Plummer, Bigfork Elementary, “A Shocking Discovery.”

Sixth through eighth grade


Grand: Alexandra Houseworth, Kalispell Middle School, “The Renewable Rotating Recharger.”

Reserve: Hannah Geiger, Kalispell Middle School, “Aroma Cube Birch Box.”

Sixth grade

Biological Science

Grand: Hailey Hendrickson, Kalispell Montessori School, “Soil Moisture Matters”; Keanu Ng, Kalispell Middle School, “Ocean Acidification”; Hayden Townsley, Kalispell Montessori School, “Dog Conditioning.”

Reserve: Rue Hussion, Deer Park School, “Gelatin Cubes vs. Acidic Juices”; Dyson Linden, Kalispell Middle School, “Nailed It! A Study of Nail Growth.”

Physical Science

Grand: Skyler Cameron, Whitefish Middle School, “Clean Air Zone?”; Lilli Eash, Kalispell Middle School, “Seeing Sound.”

Reserve: Adison Siegel, Somers Middle School, “What’s Giving you the Whitest Smile?”; Rebecca Vosen, St. Matthew’s School, “To Hover, or not to Hover.”

Seventh grade

Biological Science

Grand: Calvin Schmidt, Kalispell Middle School, “Erosion Prevention Strategies: A Simulation of an Eroding Shoreline.”

Reserve: Tritica Fauske, Columbia Falls Junior High, “Musical Mice.”

Physical Science

Grand: Dathan Luehr, Cayuse Prairie School, “Crystals Under Pressure.”

Reserve: Ryan Tiet, St. Matthew’s School, “Shots vs. Pills.”

Eighth grade


Grand: Taylor Gray, Stillwater Christian School, “Fonts That Fail”; Rylee Houser, Stillwater Christian School, “Heart Health”; Mackenzie Marsh, Kalispell Middle School, “Hot Ants vs. Cold Ants”; Jakob Ritzdorf, Kalispell Middle School, “The Effectiveness of eDNA to find the Distribution of an Invasive Species”; Simone Schvaneveldt, Stillwater Christian School, “Bilingual.”

Reserve: Marilla Carlson, Somers Middle School, “How does the Source of Soil Sample Affect the Amount of Voltage Produced in a Winogradsky Column?”; Alex Galloway, Evergreen Junior High, “What’s Cracking?”; Piper Hadley, Evergreen Junior High, “Clucking Vitamins”; Kadence Johnson, Somers Middle School, “Does a Specific Vocal Warm-up Improve your Vocal Range?; Brooklyn Kallenberger, Bigfork Middle School, “Cupped.”

Physical Science

Grand: Brooke Beach, Evergreen Junior High, “Passing Through Security”; SaraJane Gillette, Somers Middle School, “How Does the Ignition of Clothing Treated with Flame Retardant Compare to Clothing not Treated?”

Reserve: Keaton Koistinen, Somers Middle School, “What Sheeting Material can Hold the Most Weight with the Least Flexion: MDF, OSB, or Plywood?”; Emma Linn, Stillwater Christian School, “Gas Balloons.”

High school

Grand: Lucas Ritzdorf, Glacier High School, “A Stochastic Computational Model for Dreissenid Mussel Invasion Risk in Montana’s Waterways.”

Reserve: Brigham Pitts, Morgan Cordell, Brady Peiffer, Hunter Nicholson, Glacier High School, “Tent Stakes in Soft Soil.”

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