Letters to the editor Feb. 13

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Full circle

Thank you for thanking me for turning in your red change purse (“Kind Person,” Feb. 9). What a full circle growth opportunity for my children. When I found your change purse, I turned to walk back inside the school, hearing the complaints from my children, “Can’t we just go home?” I told them it would be frustrating to lose a driver’s license and hopefully the person will return for it. We can take a few minutes out of our day to simply walk it back into the school for safekeeping.

What a delight it was for me to read your thank you letter, and for my children to read it as well. I love where we live.

­—Gretchen Brown, Kalispell

March with us

Ms. Kimberly Dudik (“After 100 years, we are still marching,” Jan. 20) I applaud you for your work for improving outcomes for Montana’s women and children. You truly are doing a good work on their behalf. But now let’s add the fight against abortion to that list.

For 47 years abortion has been legal in our land. Abortion, not choice, not reproductive health care, but abortion, the killing of the unborn in the womb, is legal. The lives of millions have been affected. Sadly, there are a number of states that now sanction the killing of the child born alive. And they celebrate. Stop and think about that! They celebrate their right to kill a child at birth, legally. This is the natural outcome of the slow but steady compromise to make abortion safe, legal, and rare in the first place.

However, there is a new generation of young people who have begun their own march…their eyes have been opened. They know what abortion is … dead wrong! These students have organized as Students for Life, Created Equal, and Live Action, just to name a few. Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood Director, has written a book entitled “Unplanned.” It’s her story of coming to grips with the reality of abortion. (A movie was made of the same name just last year but leading networks refused to even advertise it.)

May this letter never be considered an indictment for those who have had an abortion. There is hope and new life for you as you move forward. Hope Pregnancy Ministries, here in the valley, exists to come along side you and help you.

But for those who sanction and celebrate abortion, whether as a provider, a clinic, a celebrity or a political candidate, please consider the reality of abortion. Consider what really happens to the baby when the abortion is taking place. It is the painful taking of life and it is gruesome.

Ms. Dudik, I will join your march if you will join ours.

—Susan Sullivan, Kalispell

Faith in humanity

Tuesday started out as a beautiful hike in Glacier Park with my two daughters and a very good friend. Little did we know how it would change. One of my daughters would fall and break her leg. Our faith in humanity was restored by the amount of people who assisted us.

First Pat, Betsy and Lauren assisted us in getting her into a safer position and loaned snow pants and scarves to help warm her. Two young men passing by offered help and food.

Then BJ, with Flathead Search and Rescue and his group came upon us. He immediately poured her a cup of coffee to help warm her and then wrapped her in a tarp and put hot packs on her.

My other daughter hiked back out to the Lake McDonald Lodge area and found a year-round maintenance worker who let her use his land-line to alert family as to what was going on. Park rangers Courtney and Brad came with a snowmobile and sled to take her to the awaiting Three Rivers ambulance.

As she was being taken down my friend and I hiked back to the lodge. Once we got to the lodge Courtney let me know where my car keys were, we had sent them ahead so access could be made to my truck. Unfortunately the doors had all locked and we had no way, that we knew of, to call home and get spare keys on the way. Todd and Lindsey had been hiking with their two little ones and gave us a ride home to get spare keys and go back after my truck.

We have had numerous follow up contact from these people to check on her. God bless you all!

­—Lynda Sundberg, Columbia Falls

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