Letters to the editor Dec. 8

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Silent mode

On Thanksgiving day the title of the Inter Lake’s law roundup was “Neighbors misunderstand dog park.” But it is not the neighbors who misunderstand, rather it is the writer of that article.

A dog park is a place for dogs to exercise, use up some energy and possibly make new friends. It is not a place to bark. My wife and I frequent the dog park regularly. And we have a dog that likes to bark. We are doing our best to train this dog not to bark. I do not like to hear barking dogs. I do not want others to hear my dog barking. I think that the people who live close to the dog park have every right to be at home without hearing barking dogs.

All those who take their dogs to the park should do their best to put their pets in silent mode.

—Jeff Van Fleet, Kalispell

The Chosen One

I know it is politically incorrect to question anyone’s religion, but I have difficulty understanding the evangelical Christians such as Rick Perry who has suggested that President Donald Trump is “God’s chosen one.”

What sort of hypocrisy allows a devote Christian to support a man who flagrantly violates the basic tenants of Christian ethics and behaves contrary to practically all the Ten Commandments? Donald Trump represents the antithesis of Christian morality. He lies incessantly, has committed adultery, has been involved in multiple business scams and treats others with contempt. In stark contrast to the “golden rule,” he is completely self-serving.

President Trump says he is a Christian but none of his actions bear him out. He is the epitome of a religious scam. If Donald Trump is indeed the Chosen One, God must be very, very angry with us.

—Carol Santa, Marion

Mercury emissions rules

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is gearing up to finalize a dangerous rule that undermines the successful Mercury and Air Toxics Standards. This egregious rule claims that it’s no longer necessary to limit mercury emissions and other toxic pollutants from power plants.

As a family nurse practitioner, I learned early on in my training about the harm mercury can have on health. Health professionals are in a position to see these impacts firsthand in their patients. This potent neurotoxin is emitted into the air we breathe, falls into our waterways and accumulates in the fish we eat. At high levels, it causes permanent damage to the brains of babies and unborn children, leading to developmental delays and birth defects. The Mercury and Air Toxics Standards have dramatically reduced mercury pollution, and also limit other pollutants from power plants can cause cancer, harm the lungs, and kill, among other harmful health effects.

There is no question we need to limit mercury emissions and other toxic pollutants from power plants. The current Mercury and Air Toxics Standards have effectively cleaned up dirty pollution and we have healthier babies and cleaner air to breathe here in Montana as a result.

For the sake of our children’s health, I call on the administration to listen to the science and keep the current standards in place.

­—Valerie Beebe, Kalispell

Gianforte best for Montana

I have known Greg Gianforte for many years. I spent over 40 years in the private sector in the Gallatin Valley. During that time I dealt with a number of very successful business owners. Greg Gianforte was among them. I have always felt that, given the opportunity, a great business person would be the best leader for our nation and for the state of Montana.

Republicans in the Montana State Legislature need help from the Governor’s Office to move the peoples’ agenda forward. I have served the last six legislative sessions all with a Democrat governor. Every session we passed many good pieces of legislation that the majority of Montanans want and the governor vetoes them. I believe Greg Gianforte will be the governor we need to move policies forward that will benefit the people of Montana.

Folks, please do what is best for you, your family, and the state of Montana. Vote for Greg Gianforte to be the next governor of the great state of Montana.

—Sen. Gordon Vance, R-Belgrade

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