Letters to the editor Nov. 21

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A bright future in Columbia Falls

On behalf of the teachers in Columbia Falls District 6, I want to express our sincere appreciation for the voters who supported our recent building levy. We take our part of providing a quality education to our kids very seriously, and knowing the majority of the voters recognize the importance of investing in modern buildings to support our efforts is truly inspirational. Together we can continue to strive for preparing our students for the bright futures they deserve.

óGene Marcille is president of the Columbia Falls Teachers Union

Delivery denied

The residents along Coyote Meadow Trail along Foot Hills Road have lost access to mail delivery due to the mailboxes being destroyed for an unknown reason. The USPS has stated that they will not replace the boxes until Spring 2020 due to the current weather conditions and that concrete needs to be laid. They will hold all mail at the Kalispell post office for pickup.

This is not acceptable. There are some individuals that are not able to drive to town to collect their mail and due to various working hours their are some that are unable to pick up their mail during ďregularĒ business hours. Several residents, including myself, have called to discuss this issue with the postmaster directly, which we have been told that it is up the maintenance crew to have this work done. Residents have expressed the willingness to move the required snow to have the concrete placed for the new mailboxes Coyote Meadow Trail is approximately 30 miles one way from town. Will the USPS provide compensation for mileage at the U.S. federal per diem rate for us to travel to town since it is not our choice when it comes to how to obtain our mail?

óDominick Sassani, Kalispell

Kalispell Krushers send thanks

Thank you Daily Inter Lake for the send off to the Special Olympics State Games.

The Kalispell Krushers sent four teams and won four gold medals! The city of Butte hosted the games a six gyms, a dynamic opening ceremony with a parade of athletes, a wellness fair, and a dance. The churches of Butte opened their doors and served turkey dinners to over 2,000 athletes. The athletes go for basketball, yet enjoy so much more. Thank you Kalispell for making a dream come true.

All athletes come home with medals or ribbons, but they also come home with Chevy Truck raffle tickets to sell. The Kalispell Krushers have 1,800 tickets and we need your support. Whenever an athlete sells a ticket, the money goes to his team. When you purchase a ticket, you may win a dream truck and you are making a dream come true for our Special Olympics athletes.

ó Susan Stark, Kalispell

Democratic hypocrites

Regarding Bill Baumís letter (Oct. 3), he portrays the Democratic Party as having fewer financial resources than the Republican Party. If you Google the richest men in America, you will find that Bezos, Gates, Buffett, Zuckerberg and Ellingson are all Democrats.

In one paragraph, Mr. Baum writes that the Democratic Party is caring. In the next he brands Rush Limbaugh as a drug trafficker. Yes, he had a drug problem, but go clean in 2003, 16 years ago. Is Mr. Baum inferring that the Democratic Party is only caring, if you are not a Republican?

He goes on to chastise parents who have risked the lives of their children, that it is time to listen to them in order to teach parents what it will take to save us all. Well, one idea from a younger, and AOCís NYC constituent, is to eat babies. (I kid you not!)

When Leonardo DiCaprio and his ilk stop using their private jets to attend conferences on climate change; when Hilary Clinton begins to drive an electric care and not use her car service (she hasnít driven since 1996); and when the current Democratic presidential candidates all take commercial flights to their campaign rallies and to their debates, Iíll start believing in global warming or climate change. Maybe Mr. Baum should direst his letters to China and India newspapers, as these two countries produce over one-third of the total greenhouse gases he is railing against.

ó Mark Schwager, Kalispell

Congressional work week

When the congressional members stated they where going to have the impeachment hearings televised because of the importance to the American people, I had the impression we would be exposed to five days a week of hearings. Now I see they have scheduled these hearings during the normal congressional work week, which is Tuesday through Thursday.

Are the hearings really important if they do not warrant the congressional members to adjust from a three-day work week to maybe a four- or five-day work week? I am left with the impression that they really do not think they are all that important.

Maybe this is why our congress has such a low approval rating from the voting members of the United States.

óDale Heldstab, Columbia Falls

Ready for change

Montanans are ready for a change. For the last sixteen years leaders in Helena have destroyed our economy by passing job killing regulations, and anti-business legislation, and the hardworking everyday people of Montana are the ones paying the price. Poor economic growth has meant no job creation, wages that have fallen behind the national average, and many of our children have left the state to find better economic opportunity.

Congressman Gianforte wants to help make our economy competitive again, by making our government more efficient. Every year tax revenue increases, expenses increase, but services donít improve. Thatís because the increased spending is directly related to increased bureaucracy, not increased efficiency. Greg would cut those inefficiencies and save Montana taxpayers millions of dollars.

Weíve seen what tax cuts have done to our national economy. Increased expendable income not only helps the economy because more goods are bought and sold, but because they mean more production, which means more jobs. These are all things we desperately need in Montana. Greg is the only candidate who can win this election and bring about the changes we need in Helena.

óRep. Dan Bartel, R-Lewistown

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