Letters to the editor Nov. 17

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Time to end the debate

Daylight saving time? I’m tired of hearing about it. I wish to point out that the reason it was established to begin with is that various national retail associations want it to exist. Retailers discovered that people spend more money when the sun shines. Do you find that surprising? Look at your history book. This country was founded by and for big business. Who are the American people to interfere with that? It is time for this debate to come to an end.

—Ed Dramer, Kalispell

Another roundabout

Oh goody, another roundabout. Do you suppose that someone at the Department of Transportation has a brother-in-law in the roundabout business?

When a meeting is called to present just one solution to a problem you know the deal is done and your opinion means nothing. Remember Dern and Springcreek Road. Their safety concern (52 crashes in 10 years) dims when the estimated completion date of the roundabout is three to five years out.

So keep your seatbelt on and your insurance up to date.

—Diane Myslicki, Kila

Montana wildlife

Sportsmen readers ask yourselves, if grizzly bears are so endangered that hunting is forbidden, why has “Moose and Goose” killed over 50 every year? You would think that a list of perspective hunters could be called to shoot and control the problem bears and not the state-paid anti-hunters of Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

Bears eating chickens, calves, sheep, etc., duh! What else can they eat now that tree huggers from out of state own every place they used to wander in search for food. Time for sportsmen and sportswomen to have the same rights to state lands as tree huggers. Open the gates on closed roads. Pass laws for public access to all state and federal lands leased OR cancel the leases and open access anyway.

The game animals have been devastated by the new era of fish and game. The North Fork is almost completely void of animals. Yellowstone elk down from 40,000 to only 3,500. Good news is wolves are over 3,700 and actively eating all the game that tree huggers like to watch! Really?

Work together for everyone’s benefit and keep Montana what is used to be — full of beauty and wildlife.

—Ron Albrecht, Kalispell

Whaa whaa party

When Al Gore lost the presidential election to Bush 2 he threw a temper tantrum all the way to the Supreme Court. Because of the tantrum Al Gore is now relegated to the fringes. After Mrs. Clinton lost, she didn’t have the inner strength to go on stage and magnanimously accept defeat. She amped up the Al Gore tantrum. She and the Democrats have been stomping their feet, crying, and acting like insolent children. Disrespecting themselves and the people of USA. The temper tantrum has included 2 sham impeachment investigations. It has been sickening to see this childish insolence go on for 3 years. Al Gore was the sole person throwing the tantrum and he vanished. Now it is the entire Democrat party throwing the temper tantrum. Will the Democrat party be relegated to anonymity?

Montana Democrats recently hosted some national chairperson. It appeared to be a spirit boosting visit. Is the Montana party in need of a cheerleader? Were the tantrums the downfall of the Montana and the National Democrat party? Or more precisely the whaa whaa party.

—Kevin Westie, Great Falls

Ethics over party

To continue to support Mr. Trump, who has proven to be a monumental liar and shameless narcissist and bully, is doing a disservice to our country and our Constitution, which Mr. Trump regularly trashes. An honorable leader puts country above self-interest.

It is time that ethics takes precedence over party affiliation.

Ethics, noun and adjective, the science of morals in human conduct, moral philosophy, moral principles and rules of conduct.

—Barbara Palmer, Whitefish

Lasting legacy

It’s such a shame. When our country really needed a great statesman, a leader, a person who could unite our political viewpoints together for the good of our country, we ended up with one of the most ineffective, self-serving figures of our time. And no, I am not talking about President Trump, but rather about our Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, who since her election to that position in 2007 has promoted the decline of political discourse to the abominable state we have today.

Nancy is the epitome of the partisan politician. She hates conservatives, despises Christians, strongly supports abortion, loves big government and socialism, shuns compromise and hates to lose. Her traits of vindictiveness, conniving and backroom deals keep any opponents at bay even in her own political party. She opposed Bush but was orgasmic about Obama as she pushed through the UCA health act without any Republican support, which was the start of the precipitous downturn in our country’s political civility. Her most famous statement “we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” will probably be remembered for all time.

Since then she has led the charge to the rear when it comes to political rancor. What’s worse is that it is amply apparent she, being extremely emotional and seduced by the aphrodisiac of power, loves the drama. It’s makes her tick. She adores the game, the name-calling, the verbal jousting and the fact that she gets lots and lots of attention as she struts down the hallways lined by reporters with her nose in the air. It matters not what is good for the country, she hates Trump and her sole goal is to win the fight.

Now she is reveling in the impeachment farce which she (and we all) know is a waste of time — the Senate will never vote to remove President Trump from office. But she and her cohorts desperately want to besmirch the President to give her candidates something to run on. It’s pitiful.

I am certain we are all tired of the antics of our political leaders. But let’s not forget the incredible contributions Nancy has made to the degeneration of civility in our country. After all, it will be her only lasting legacy.

—Mark Agather, Kalispell

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