Letters to the editor April 14

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Let’s support all the kids

First, I applaud ImagineIF libraries for celebrating diversity and for their wish to include everybody, and the Daily Inter Lake for their balanced article about the library’s storytime policy. Second, reading the teacher’s letter (April 4) shocked and grieved me.

Don’t get me wrong; I celebrate free speech. But I also celebrate consideration when we speak. Even toward people who we don’t understand. We need to choose our words carefully when we express our opinions.

I’m saddened that someone feels it’s OK to write in such an inconsiderate manner about being gay: (“I was shocked and grieved… … totally inappropriate… ...disappointed… ... a controversial subject to innocent children…”). In my opinion this word choice is what is inappropriate.

As a LGBTQ+ advocate, I am puzzled: Why would a preschool teacher write about my LGBTQ+ family and friends as if they’re dirty, inappropriate, should be hidden and not talked about? If being gay is too “controversial for innocent children” to understand, then what does that make our LGBTQ+ family and friends?

How would an innocent gay child feel, knowing that their teacher feels that way about them? I understand the teacher wants to protect the kids ... but gay kids make up part of our community, and they deserve protection too, right?

How many children’s books features a prince kissing a princess? Or even a princess kissing a frog? How is that more appropriate than a prince kissing a knight?

LGBTQ+ visibility gives kids hope that they’re not alone, even if they feel like they don’t fit in anywhere. Growing up feeling inappropriate, controversial and a source of disappointment and grief to others is not something I would wish on my worst enemy. How about we support all the kids, AND support a great library that is trying to do just that?

—Ivalu Risager, Whitefish

Library’s inclusive atmosphere

My family would like to say thank you to ImagineIF libraries for helping us get through the winter. We could always count on our librarians for a wonderful weekly story hour, or their great kid-friendly activities any day of the week, to help us survive our cabin fever. We appreciate the family atmosphere to connect with other parents and neighbors in a place that is safe and inclusive of everyone. To our libraries: you are so much more than just the books. Thank you for creating such a warm and welcoming community center where our kids can learn and have fun, no matter what the season!

— Hilary Shaw, Whitefish

Time to overhaul government

Over the past two years it has now come to light that those who live by the sword will die by the sword.

The end of the Mueller investigation has brought about some rather interesting facts, and the biggest being that Mueller and his team could not find sufficient evidence of collusion.

However, the investigation has turned up a number of interesting facts and a trail of intrigue and conspiracy. A number of high ranking officials in our top intelligence agencies were plotting openly to overthrow a sitting president. What is more disturbing over this fact is the lack of effort by those in Congress to pursue this matter for what it is — treason!

Hopefully in the months to come, more layers of this political onion will be peeled away and people will be exposed for what they are — traitors.

If there are any lessons to be learned over the long run it is this: Persons in power will do anything and everything to remain in power and that is not what our Republic was founded on. All one has to do is look at the amount of wealth our so-called elected officials have amassed over the years they have been in Congress and that wealth is not restricted on one political party.

We as Americans have allowed these privileged few to get away with anything they want, for nobody has challenged them. These people have manipulated the rules and regulations to suit their own particular purpose, without our knowledge. They are not public servants by any stretch of the imagination, they are servants unto themselves. We need honest and decent people in the government and the only way we will accomplish that task is to make government responsible to the people.

Since 1960 under the Kennedy administration, this Congress has gone about setting itself up over and above the concerns of the people they are supposed to represent. Not one person who was elected to office or appointed to office prior to 1960 ever received a congressional retirement. The only persons to receive a retirement pension were those who worked in civil service. This is just one of the many perks and privileges that our public servants have heaped upon themselves since 1960.

Today we have a divided Congress, mostly upon party lines, but there are a few who side with the opposition from both sides of the aisle. For it is not about what is good for the country, but what is good for my pocketbook?

There are a few patriots still in the Congress whose voices can be heard at times, but they are few and far between. But if we are to get back to government by the people, for the people and of the people, then we need to overhaul the entire governmental setup and put restraints on those who are willing to step up and serve.

—Jim Garvey, Kalispell

A few pros

Good morning! With all the antis out there, we thought we would share a few of our pros.

Pro-Triune God, pro-Holy Bible, pro-life, pro-Israel, pro-America, pro-Constitution, pro-capitalism, pro-Trump/Pence, pro-wall, pro-legal immigration, pro-use of natural resources, pro-cattle, pro-honest labor, pro airline travel. Blessing to you.

—Robert and Barbara Whitlock, Bigfork

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